International Fellowship of Chinese Reformed Evangelicals in North America Open Statement

China Aid Association
January 31, 2007
Dear Reformed Colleagues in our Lord,
The Reformation of sixteenth century in Europe, headed by Martin Luther and prolonged by John Calvin, was a movement which reformed and returned the Christian churches to the tradition of right doctrines and life. By their providential journey, the English Puritans brought forth this faithful tradition to the North America. The Reformed tradition continues to flourish in this land, and to become, in its own way, the central tenet of the Christian culture in USA and Canada.
On the other side of the world, mainland China embarked its “Open and Reform” policy in 1979, soon followed by the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989. These historical episodes brought waves of scholars and students to colleges and universities of America. As they pursued further studies in science and technology, a proportion of them encountered Christian faith by various ways. Many believed in Jesus as Lord. Furthermore, a special interest in Reformed tradition was developed, among those who longed for orthodox theology and Christian culture. They came to a conviction that the historical Reformed theology, with its comprehensive mandate of Gospel and culture, is capable to resolve many of their cultural, social, political, and religious dilemmas.
Based on these historical reflections, we hold these convictions. We are placed providentially in the intersection of North American Christian tradition, and the Chinese churches. We inherit both the vibrant Christian ethos of North American churches, and facing the evangelistic and theological challenges of Chinese churches, both mainland and oversea. We believe, by God’s grace and guidance, we should reclaim and revitalize the faithful Reformed evangelical tradition begun by John Calvin and consummated by the Puritans. As Chinese ministers and coworkers in North America, we confess the true biblical reformed faith of Christianity, and resolve to discharge the evangelistic and cultural mission to all Chinese people. Our ultimate goal is to lead more kinsmen to Christ, and to disseminate Christian truth in the social-cultural milieu of China. We will press on, in this eschatological time, toward the goal of fulfilling the task which God has entrusted to us in Christ.
For the above reasons, we humbly and vigilantly call for our reformed colleagues and coworkers, to form and organize an International Fellowship of Chinese Reformed Evangelicals in North America. This will be an International Reformed Fellowship organized by church pastors, Christian organization coworkers, seminarians and lay people. Our goal is to unite Chinese Reformed colleagues and coworkers, to work in our residing land for the Gospel need of our mother land. On the one hand, “contending as one man for the faith of the Gospel”. On the other hand, “to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” For Christ. For Church. For China. For the kingdom of God.
We envision this International Fellowship of Chinese Reformed Evangelicals will connect and unite coworkers from various states and cities, and enable us to support each other in works of church planting, evangelism, mission, social concern and ministry, research and publication, internet ministry, and theological education. Our reformed ministry should be able to face the challenges of times, and continue to be faithful to the biblical and reformed traditions. Amidst all the ministries, we wish this International Reformed Fellowship will work together for the purpose of preparing and producing Reformed workers for the global Chinese churches. In order to distribute reformed theological tradition among Chinese churches, we pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth multitude of reformed ministers and workers into His harvest. Servants who are prophetic, resolute, knowledgeable Christian leaders.
As we embark our common journey ahead, we will broaden our network, to connect and contact colleagues and coworkers from close to afar. We see ourselves as facilitators to initiative our conversation. We believe this International Fellowship of Chinese Reformed Evangelicals should be an association organized by and for the Chinese Reformed Christians, and that its finality is for the highest glory of God.
Advisory Board / 顧問團
– 唐崇榮博士 Dr. Stephen Tong
Evangelist and Founder, Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International.
– 周和博士 Dr. Peter K. Chow
Senior Pastor, Trinity Christian Church of Greater Philadelphia.
– Dr. Peter Lillback
President, Westminster Theological Seminary.
– Dr. William Edgar
Professor, Westminster Theological Seminary.
– Dr. Richard Pratt
Founder and President, The Third Millennium. Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL.

Signatures of Open Letter / 聯署人 (alphabetical order)
– 陳佐人博士 Dr. Stephen Chan
Pastor, San Francisco, CA; Professor of Theology, Seattle University.
– 張康平教師 Joanny Chang
Ph.D. candidate, Westminster Theological Seminary.
– 陳彪博士 Dr. Biao Chen
Pastor, Orlando, FL; M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando.
– 周和博士 Dr. P.K. Chow
Pastor, Philadelphia; Ph.D. Temple University; Th.M, M.Div. Westminster Theological Seminary.
– 傅希秋牧師 Rev. Bob Fu
Ph.D. candidate, Westminster Theological Seminary.
– 洪予健博士 Dr. Yujian Hong
Pastor, Vancouver, B.C. Canada; MCS. Regent College, Vancouver, Canada.
– 李紹沅牧師 Rev. Steven Lee
Pastor, Philadelphia; Th.M. candidate, Westminster Theological Seminary.
– 麥安迪博士 Dr. Andy McGafferty
Ph.D. Pittsburg Theological Seminary.
– 蔡蓓博士 Dr. Pei Tsai
Studies at M.A. Reformed Theological Seminary.
– 王一樂博士 Dr. Yile Wang
Studies at M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary.

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