Itinerary of the Delegation from China


ChinaAid Association

(November 1, 2010) Two of the members of the delegation, a Christian human rights Lawyer and a Christian educator from China, arrived safely in America on October 30. The other two were barred at airports in Beijing and Shanghai.

On November 1, the delegation will be participating in a seminar on the US election system and the history of the Tea Party movement with Dr. Wayne Grudem in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Grudem is a prominent evangelical theologian and research professor at Phoenix Theological Seminary.

On November 2, they will visit with president of Baylor University, Dr. Ken Starr, to discuss democracy, rule of law and education in China with scholars. In the afternoon, they will observe the mid-term election polling at a town house polling site in College Station, part of the 17th District of Texas.

From November 3 through 7, the delegation will be in Midland, Texas visiting poll processing sites and churches, and meeting local government officials.

From November 8 through 10, the delegation will visit Washington DC and meet Congressional leaders, US judges, leaders of non-governmental organizations, and others.

The trip is sponsored by ChinaAid Association and Christian Human Rights Lawyers of China. The goal is to help Chinese elites learn about democracy, rule of law, and education from America.

For questions about this delegation or to request interviews, contact:

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