Ju Dianhong

Ju Dianhong

A Lincang court in southern Yunnan Province harshly sentenced Ju Dianhong to 13 years in prison. The CCP falsely accused her of leading a cult as part of a province-wide crackdown. She was tried and convicted at the same time as Liang Qin, who was sentenced to 10 years for “cult activity.”

Ju emphasized that she had never heard of the “Three Grades of Servants,” the religious sect CCP authorities accused her of leading. She was accused of recruiting members, doing missionary work, and spreading news of the apocalypse. Ms. Ju was unfamiliar with cults until she was accused of leading one. She plead with the court repeatedly that she only participated in Christian activities. In the court’s final verdict, authorities labeled Christian books like Pilgrim’s Progress and Streams in the Desert as “evil cult” materials. In her defense, Ms. Ju said:

“I only believed in and preached about Jesus, never harming anyone or acting contrary to biblical principles.”

Ju continues to deny any cult involvement and has appealed her case along with Liang Qin. The court upheld its original sentencing. CCP authorities have not revealed where they imprisoned them.

image of Ju Dianhong who was falsely accused of leading a cult.


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