Kidnapped attorney confirmed alive, held in ‘black jail’

China Aid

(Changsha, Hunan—Dec. 23, 2016) A kidnapped human rights attorney was confirmed alive yesterday after his father-in-law received a notice that he is being held in a “black jail.”

Jiang Tianyong, whose legal license was revoked in 2007 after he defended various human rights victims, went missing on Nov. 22 while returning from a visit to the family of another detained lawyer. A month later, a state-run newspaper published an article falsely alleging Jiang possessed and leaked state secrets. Yesterday, his father-in-law received an official notice declaring that authorities suspect him of subverting state power and are holding him under “residential surveillance in an undisclosed location,” which is an unofficial prison colloquially known as a “black jail.”

According to China Aid president Bob Fu, “This unique procedure proves his arbitrary arrest in a black jail, and he will almost surely be tortured in order to produce a segment of video to show on the Communist Party’s CCTV for propaganda. I am sure my friend, Jiang Tianyong, will be ‘confessing his subversion activities’ on TV very soon … Another show is coming.”

A translation of the notice will be available soon.

China Aid reports abuses, such as those experienced by Jiang Tianyong, in order to promote human rights and religious freedom in China.

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