Lawyer Jiang Tianyong: authorities continue to break the law and obstruct my medical treatment


(Xinyang – August 12, 2019) Ever since his release from prison on February 28, lawyer Jiang Tianyong remains under house arrest and is unable to independently see a doctor for a medical exam, according to new information.

The news follows previous reporting by ChinaAid on the medical trials for Jiang, who was advised to seek care in late June amid fears he was forced to take medication while in custody that could have induced severe damage to the body.

Screenshot of video depicting
Jiang Tianyong moving
by car to the hospital in June. 
(Video: Twitter @jinbianling)

Jiang says unknown substances he was forced to take led to memory loss, fatigue, mental dullness, and occasional hallucinations.

As ChinaAid wrote, medical experts briefed on his situation speculated the substances could inhibit the immune system and harm functionality of the kidneys and liver.

On August 5, Jiang planned to travel to Zhengzhou for a medical exam, visit family to celebrate his mother-in-law’s birthday, and deliver effs to a relative and former colleague, all under the escort of officials.

Jiang was eventually barred from carrying out the above activities when he arrived in Zhengzhou.

According to testimony from Jiang, he expressed a desire to return to Lingshan if officials would not allow him to maintain the original schedule.

When officials asked about the medical examination, Jiang maintained his desire to return to Lingshan, asking “how could we possibly find out the real health problem if I am totally under your manipulation.”

In his statement, Jiang asked why officials continued to obstruct opportunities for him to see a medical treatment and the authority that could bar him from visiting his parents-in-law house and blocking a visit with a relative and former colleague.

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