A Letter to Churches in China for Forced Abortion Victims–A Christmas Meditation on the sacrifice of Mary, the Mother of Jesus

motherhood jesus lambDear Brothers and Sisters in China,
God loves you with an everlasting love.  He sees the sacrifices you are making for His Son, and you glorify His holy name with your faithful courage, sometimes in the face of persecution.
I have prayed for you for many years.  Like you, I am a servant of the Lord. I am sending you this Christmas letter from the United States to love, comfort and encourage you. 
I am named after Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  I am a proud mom and especially treasure my child, like every mom.  At Christmas, I like to meditate on the sacrifices Mary made to give birth to our Lord.

Did you know Mary had a crisis pregnancy?  By the Holy Spirit, she became pregnant before she was married.  In ancient Israel, pregnancy before marriage was a terrible scandal.  She risked everything.  She risked that her reputation would be destroyed.  She risked that Joseph would divorce her.  She risked that her parents would reject her.  She risked that she would live the rest of her life in poverty and never be able to provide for her son.  She even risked possible death by stoning according to Levitical law.
God tested Mary severely at this moment, but by His grace she passed the test.  She remained determined, faithful and steadfast, trusting God to bring His Baby into the world through her, as He had promised.  And God was faithful to Mary.  He sent Joseph a dream, revealing that Mary was telling the truth and that Joseph should marry her, even though she was already pregnant.
When I think of Mary’s crisis pregnancy in Israel more than 2000 years ago, I also think of the thousands of women in China who are facing crisis pregnancies today.  What happens to women in China if they get pregnant before they are married?  Sometimes I wonder, if Mary lived in China today, what would happen to her?  What would happen to Jesus?
However, the conclusion of Christmas is life instead of death.  God gave His most precious gift to humankind in the form of a baby, the baby Jesus.  This shows how much God loves and values babies.  Babies are sacred in the eyes of God.  God created every human life in His image.  When are we created?  At conception – just like the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus in Mary’s womb.  The Bible tells us that God Himself formed us while we were in our mother’s womb:  “For You formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother’s womb.”  Psalm 139:13.  For me Christmas also celebrates motherhood.  Jesus did not arrive as an adult descending straight down from heaven; nor did God form Him out of clay, like He did Adam.  Rather, God brought Jesus into the world through a mother.  Through motherhood, God honors women with a sacred trust to bring into the world the lives God has created.  This is an inestimable privilege and also a mandate for mothers like you and me to preserve the lives God creates whatever the circumstances.  The baby in your womb is part of God’s plan, so giving birth to this baby is God’s will.  This is a mother’s right, given to her by God, because each life carries an opportunity for the Creator to love His Creatures eternally, another meaning of Christmas – a mother’s love as a vehicle for divine love.
God has heard the cries of the millions of women and babies who have been victims of forced abortion in China, and He will answer those cries.  I am your sister in Christ in America, and I have heard your cries as well.  You are not alone.  We are one family in Christ.  Christians in America are praying for you and working to end forced abortion in China.  Please pray for us and our work as well.  This problem is so big, only God can solve it, and He will do that, with our prayers.
With special Christmas blessings and love,
Sister Mary, December 2010

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