Liaoning house churches complete legal training camp, learn to defend their faith

Members of a house church in Dalian, Liaoning, completed
a session of the Chinese Christians Faith and Legal Training
Camp. (Photo: China Aid)

China Aid
By Rachel Ritchie

(Dalian, Liaoning—Sept. 30, 2015) The Chinese Christian Faith and Legal Training Camp founder completed two training sessions on Sept. 15 and Sept. 21 in China’s northeastern Liaoning province.

After repeated harassment from local officials, a house church in Dalian, Liaoning, invited Bo Ai to conduct a training session that would teach church members common sense laws from the Chinese constitution and international human rights law, the knowledge of which would enable them to defend their right to practice their faith. Church members reported that some Christians were afraid to attend church meetings because of threats from authorities, causing attendance to reach an unprecedented low.

According to the church’s leaders, pastors and staff members from seven other area churches and more than 60 other Christians attended the training.

Bo also completed a training session in a sub-district of Dalian on Sept. 21. Church leader Li Zimei invited Bo to conduct the session after facing continuous harassment over the church’s 10-year history.

During both three-day training sessions, Bo used the churches’ experiences to teach those present how to respond to persecution. “Though the churches’ current circumstances are unfavorable, we need not be afraid,” Bo said. “We must have the courage to take up legal arms and defend the church using our own legal rights. Our faith is legal, and we have not violated the law.”

Bo also said the church shouldn’t “seek external forms, such as constructing church buildings, erecting crosses, etc.” He said that if the church is focused in a home setting, “faith can take root in the heart.”

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