Linfen Covenant House Church shut down

Photo: Announcement issued by Yaodu District government that Linfen Covenant House Church and their school are shut down (Linfen City Yaodu District government)


(Shanxi province—November 22, 2022) Linfen City Yaodu District Bureau of Civil Affairs announced on its website that they shut down Linfen Covenant House Church and Asilan School run by the church. Their announcement from November 16 stated that the church and school did not register with the government and organized events in the name of NGO without authorization, thus making it illegal.


Li Jie and Han Xiaodong, two ministers of Linfen Covenant Home Church, have been officially arrested for fraud after an outdoor family event in August. Since then, authorities brought in many members from the church, trying to round up evidence and false testimony to corroborate their charge. Some believers had to lie that they were victims of the fraud and report their ministers deceived their money because of the pressure by their employers, family, and relatives. In addition, they wrote pledges, promising to never attend Linfen Covenant House Church. Wang Qiang, a coworker of the church, has been criminally detained and transported to the detention center after a week of designated residential surveillance, and another coworker Wu Tingting was criminally detained as well. Both were arrested due to fraud.


Recently, there has been more news about other churches that have been persecuted. For example, Pastor Qin Sifeng and coworker Su Minjun of Beijing Lampstand Church were arrested by Shangdong Zibo police in Yunnan this July for illegal business operations. Authorities detained them in Zibo Detention Center at this point. Some sources speculate that their arrest was because the church printed some hymns for internal use. The hearing of the case will be held on November 29.


Wang Minghai and Wan Hongxia of Xuande School located in Wuhu, Anhui province, who are accused of illegal business operation, will be tried on November 25 after the trial of the case has been postponed for a long time. Wang Jian, a representative of the homeschooling company Abeka Academy, will be tried soon, but details are unavailable.


~Yu Bing, ChinaAid Contributing Reporter

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