Members of Shunzhuang Christian Church in Zhengzhou, Henan Resist Forced Demolition

China Aid Association      July 16 2013

ChinaAid reported on June 21, 2013, that the new building of Shunzhuang Church, a little less than a year old, is facing forced demolition of the structure. The brothers and sisters of the congregation, however, are protecting the church day and night.

The Shunzhuang church has existed as a congregation for nearly 30 years. The land on which the church is built was legally acquired and the building constructed legally, strictly following relevant legal procedures.
For several months a Shunzhuang village committee has been threatening to tear down the church, despite having given permission for the church to be built only a year before! At present all the buildings surrounding the church have been torn down for economic development.

The church members met on July 14th, 2013, and held Holy Communion. They prayed that the Lord would preserve their church. Shortly after the congregation finished Communion that day, the village committee and the demolition- relocation office dispatched four staff members to again pressure the church leaders to agree to demolish the church.

The church leaders stood their ground, emphasizing that all the construction procedures were legal and the legal property of everyone in the church; therefore, the church maintains every legal right to be preserved. During this recent period of harassment, church leaders and some brothers and sisters visited the Letters and Complaints Bureau many times but have not heard back from them. ChinaAid is deeply concerned with the unfolding of the Shunzhuang church case and urges the international Christian community to pray for the church.

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