Message from Pastor Gong Shengliang's daughters regarding his health

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Midland. Texas(3-27-06) CAA received a letter from pastor Gong Shengliang’s daughter regarding pastor Gong’s health at prison.
A Message from Pastor Gong Shengliang’s daughters regarding his health

whenwe visited father January 18, 2006, we asked father about his recent health. He said: “I feel extremely suffocating and painful in stomach recently and don’t want to eat. The little food I had to eat makes my stomach suffer. My tracheitis and asthma also recur often and I cough a lot. My back remains very painful, especially when coughing.” We asked whether he had received the Christmas card and letters that we sent him. He said: “I received only two pieces,” and added that he received very little mail from us for quite a long time. We don’t know where the many letters and cards sent to father from family, relatives, and friends at home and overseas have gone. We haven’t received mail from father for more than a year. Later we requested to have lunch with father. The registration staff told us to ask Section Head Xie of the Prison Administration. So we came there but didn’t see him from 9 am to 12 noon. Since lunch time has approached and we saw the registration staff come with registration forms for approval. So we asked them to help us telephoning Section Head Xie. But they seemed reluctant to grant us this favor and said: “We do not approve your request.” And one female warden on duty in the Prison Administration said: “We can process other inmates’ requests, except Gong Shengliang. He is a critical inmate and must be processed by Section head Xie.” We really don’t understand why is it still so hard for father, who has been imprisoned for almost five years, to be approved for a family lunch together??

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