Minister An Yankui denied visitors

(Taiyuan, Shanxi Province—December 1, 2021) Yesterday
morning, Yao Congya, the wife of Zion Reformed Church minister An Yankui, went
to Fenyang Public Security Bureau, requesting to visit her husband with his
lawyer. Yao and Mr. An’s lawyer submitted the required documents, but their
request was denied.

to Yao Congya, she saw police officer Deng in the police station, the man who arrested
her husband nine days prior. Mr. An’s lawyer wanted to meet with him to learn
more about his case, but Deng denied the request under the excuse that the case
was still under investigation. Mr. Deng said he will arrange some time for them
to meet at a later time.


An Yankui and the church’s co-worker Mr. Zhang Chenghao were arrested by Lüliang
police officers after Sunday service on November 21. Yao and minister An Yankui
came home to find police officers invading their house. Officials subsequently
arrested An. On November 24, Yao Congya received
her husband’s detention notice from Fenyang Public Security Bureau. Zhang
Chenghao’s wife, Guo Juan, also received a detention notice. Fenyang
authorities criminally detained both men on charges of “illegally crossing the
national border”.


When Yao
Congya met with Deng again today, she asked him to return her cell phones,
personal computers, and other electronic devices he stole during the raid. Deng
claimed he could not return the items until the investigation was complete. He
apologized for prying open their door during the raid, but he would not admit
whether or not it was legal.


In the
end, Deng warned the minister’s wife not to attend unapproved house churches and
instead go to a government-sanctioned Three-Self Patriotic Church. Mrs. Yao told
him Chinese people should have religious freedom. 

Zhang Chenghao and Guo Juan at their wedding on October 4
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

arrested Brother Zhang Chenghao with minister An Yankui. He just got married on
October 4 to Guo Juan. On November 21, she and her husband invited another
couple to their home. When they arrived, police officers waited outside. They
took Zhang Chenghao to Wucheng police station after searching the home. Police
officers confiscated all the electronic devices, flash drives, books and personal
computers, without providing a list of impounded items. After Guo Juan
requested, they asked her to go to Wucheng police station to pick up the impound
list. Because her cell phone was confiscated, did not know what happened to her
husband until receiving his detention notice on November 24


Rain Covenant Church mentioned in the prayer request letter on November 28:

”Minister An Yankui, Brother Zhang Chenghao, and another
5 arrested Fenyang Christians were criminally detained under the so-called
charge of ‘illegally crossing the national border’. The government intends to
cut off the connection between Chinese churches and international churches.
This is indeed the devil’s scheme. Chinese churches were once forced to
denounce foreign missionaries and cut off the connection with Catholic
churches. Will the history happen again?”


~Yu Bing,
China Aid Special Reporter

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