Missionary complains against officials

Officials block a
Xingguang Church
Christian from entering
her home.
(Photo: WeChat)

(Xiamen, Fujian—July 30, 2020) A missionary from Xingguang Church in Xiamen, Fujian, wrote to authorities to protest the persecution of his church.

The missionary, named Yu Sang, told the Xiamen Municipal Prosecution Center that officials had abused their power to break into Christians’ private residences. On July 7, Yu’s attorney, Li Guisheng, submitted a 276,000-word witness testimony.

He also presented an audio testimony and three copies of written materials to the Xiamen Municipal Supervision Committee.

Yu made these allegations after officials raided the homes of his fellow church members, beating them to the point of needing medical attention. Six church members were taken to the police station and detained.

Li also listed several complaints he had about the way Xiamen’s government departments run their operations. These include prohibiting cell phones and laptops as well as photography and video recording, not issuing receipts after filing documents, not releasing the names of people who are filing cases, not making the protocol clear, examining personal IDs instead of lawyer certificates, and a personal complaint against Xiamen Municipal Supervision Committee staff number 123, who Li says gives people a hard time when they file reports.

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