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Photo: Wang Dawei
(Xilinhaote City, Inner Mongolia- February 21, 2008) China Aid has learned that the President of the Inner Mongolia Branch of the Chinese House church Alliance, Wang Dawei, was detained along with more than 40 co-workers on Wednesday, February 20, 2008. The leaders were in the 3rd day of Bible study when more than 100 Police officers from the State Security Bureau and members of the Religious Affairs bureua disrupted the meeting and detained the ministers. Police officials also confiscated the offering collection and more than 30 boxes of Bibles and other Christian literature. Security Bureua members then searched the personal residence of Wang Dawei later on in the afternoon. The leader of the meeting, a South Korean minister, was also detained during the incident, his whereabouts remain unknown.
The intensity of persecution amongst members of the Chinese House Church Alliance continues to increase as the Beijing Olympics draw near. This latest incident highlights the hypocrisy of Chinese officials who promote a “Harmonious Society” while simultaneously persecuting innocent and patriotic citizens such as Wang Dawei and others. We urge the Chinese Government to release these Christians and remain consistant with its own rhetoric on Religious freedom and rule of law.
For more information contact:
Wang Dawei: 13754197497
Wang Dawei’s Daughter:  13947941911

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CAA has also learned that Xinjiang businessman Zhou Heng was released in his acquittal on Tuesday, February 19, 2008. Charges against Mr. Zhou have been dropped.
In recent news, CAA has been informed that, Ms. Dong Shanshan and Ms. Xu Yuanyuan, were released by the Chinese Government in the afternoon of February 21, one day after CAA reported the case to the media. According to an interview with the two Christian  ladies with CAA, both were taken away by officers from the State Security Bureau of Nanyang City, Henan province on Feb 18. They were interrogated about their work in  the Chinese House Church Alliance. The interrogators told them before their release that they felt pressured because of “lots of international news media reporting about the arrest.” Both of them have returned home safely and thankfully.
Issued by CAA February 21, 2008

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