Neighbors and others show support for Pastor Bob Fu; taking stand against protesters’ slander [part 2 of 3]

Protester inadvertently holds erroneous sign upside down.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(Midland, TX—Oct, 29, 2020) 
Conrad, Eliel ’s son, age 15, shares his thoughts about what’s going on with “Mr. Bob Fu.”

 It’s a hard topic.
I understand it’s wrong— brutally wrong, to provoke someone without a reason. I know Mr. Bob Fu. I met him when my dad gave his first class of the Nehemiah project at China Aid.
I understand what is going on here and it makes me mad.
My parents are Christians. So am I.
I know it’s legal to protest, but one cannot slander another person. You have to have proof to claim something as true. Protesters cannot prove what they say, that Mr. Bob Fu is a fake pastor or that he works with the CCP.
I believe in free speech, and even though I wish I could force them to stop what they are doing, I cannot. What they are doing is wrong. It makes me feel bad for Mr. Bob Fu.
The persecution my family experienced in Brazil for what we believed started with a letter…. People would write “letters” with words cut out from magazines. The words warned my dad that his kids would die. I was not old enough to be scared but I worried.
Six months after the letter campaign against my dad began, someone set our car on fire. By the time a neighbor warned us and Dad put the fire out, flames had spread within six inches of the gas tank, If the fire had ignited the gas, it would have blown up and likely have killed our family.

Stephen, age 22, Conrad’s brother:

I think it’s madness to attack someone in their home. I think it’s evil; specially to attack a family with kids. I am not a Christian myself, but this evil goes beyond religion, beyond politics.
If someone has something against another person’s opinion, they should attack that point—not the person.
People need to study both sides of a conflict.

 Celia worked for China Aid for three years in the past: 

I love Bob.
He’s a godly, honorable man.
He helps rescue people in the persecuted church in China at great peril.
I don’t like what’s going on even a little bit.
I have no idea when the protesters will leave but they need to leave now
Celia, former employee of ChinaAid, still strongly supports Pastor Bob Fu and ChinaAid.
(Photo: ChiuaAid)
Teri, a supporter of Dr. Fu and China Aid: 
The group will twist what they have filmed and photographed today into lies and post it on Twitter.
Sign with message from the Word posted in Pastor Fu’s yard.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

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