New Book Warns Chinese Church is in Danger of Following “Patriotic Heresy” Like the German Church Did under Nazism

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Screen Shot 7 - Copy(Boston—Oct. 12, 2012) The church in China is in danger of walking down the same dark path of the German Church under Nazi rule, warns the latest English-language book published by a theological institution in Boston.

The author of Beware of Patriotic Heresy in the Chinese Church:  Drawing on the historical lessons of the Nazis’ Volk Church in analyzing the Zhao Xiao phenomenon, Mark C.H. Shan, sounds a sharp warning that an insidious danger lurks in the Chinese church, both China’s official church and the burgeoning house churches, as well as the overseas Chinese church.  This danger has been adeptly utilized and manipulated by the Communist government such that patriotism is already starting to replace God’s rightful place in the Chinese church.

Shan, ChinaAid News Analyst and a house church scholar originally from mainland China and now a PhD student in Boston, carefully examines the alarming parallels with the experience of German Christians, who placed their German identity and loyalty to the Nazi government above their responsibility as children of God to oppose evil, and so failed to speak out against the Holocaust.

The slim volume, which was first published in Chinese in mid-2011, is “a powerful warning from history of the dangers of a theologized nationalism for the body of Christ,” according to an endorsement by history professor David Aikman, author of Jesus in BeijingHow Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power and former Time Magazine senior correspondent and Beijing bureau chief.

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