New details about Xinjiang holding centers reveal system of torturing minorities

A Kazakh woman is reunited with a son.
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(Urumqi, Xinjiang—Oct. 9, 2018) Details about the notorious centers that imprison and torture innocent ethnic minorities in China’s northwestern Xinjiang recently emerged, describing three areas each contains, where inmates are sorted according to their allegiance to the Communist Party.

According to local Xinjiang residents, each camp consists of areas A, B, and C. Newcomers and Muslims are first placed in C, the worst area, where guards give them no food or water for 24 hours. Their hands and feet are shackled, and they endure torture and insults until they repeatedly cry out “Thank the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] and [Chinese President] Xi Jinping.” Then, they are transferred to area B, which permits them meals and use of the restroom. Breakfast includes vegetable soup and bread, lunch consists of rice congee, and dinner a steamed bun, but the food is poor in quality, and one Xinjiang resident said, “ … even dogs wouldn’t like to have it. Cooks make it out of hatred….”

They also go outside for 15 minutes everyday to sing the Chinese national anthem. Those considered successfully “re-educated” in Communist Party beliefs are moved to area A, where the conditions are improved.

The Xinjiang residents said inmates are not allowed to speak to one another or cry, and they are beaten several times a day while others listen to them scream desperately. Many long for death.

China persecutes Xinjiang’s ethnic minorities, which are from primarily Muslim backgrounds, because it fears their religion may prompt them towards extremism. However, those arrested are often innocent and are taken into custody simply for making plans to visit their relatives abroad or asking whether or not food sold in the marketplace is halal. Authorities often take them to these centers to brainwash and torture them. One informant said what they are forced to learn is horrible.

“We are Muslims,” the person, who is anonymous, continued. “Why does the CCP change human beings to atheist Hans [Editor’s note: the Han people are China’s majority]? The CCP has been murdering the Manchu people, re-educating minorities, and assimilating 55 minority groups living in China since it took office. Can there be only Han people in China? Will the CCP never stop until all ethnic groups in the world are Han and the ethnocide of all other cultures and religions happens?”

ChinaAid condemns the abuses suffered by ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and exposes persecutions enacted against them in order to call out the CCP and support human rights, religious freedom, and rule of law.

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