New poem from Pastor John Cao: “Quantum Particles”

Pastor John Cao before his arrest
(Photo: ChinaAid source)

(Kunming, Yunnan Province—February 10, 2022) Pastor John Cao’s mother received a letter from her son in prison. His correspondence contained a new poem of thanksgiving. 


John Cao’s mother received his letter on January 25 and shared it with ChinaAid on February 8. The new poem is a response to the constant prayer and support from his friends, family, and the global body of Christ. ChinaAid translated his letter and poem below: 


Although I cannot physically be there with everyone, my heart has never left any of you. My gratitude and longing are unending; when I think about the past, I am reminded of us setting out to begin work across the horizons of the earth; we have the same hope towards the future, I may have stumbled and fallen, it was everyone who helped me to stand back up on my feet, I would like to pray steadfastly for everyone to smoothly leap forward.  


We are like quantum particles, silently supporting and working for each other, surrounding me with warmth, exuding an aromatic fragrance that fills up everywhere; this is a poem of thanksgiving for everyone:  


Absence does not require separation 

Grateful that the longing is reciprocal  

Explored the horizons of the earth together in the past  

Hopeful that our futures will align  

I may stumble, but the King reestablishes my steps  

The King’s leaps are quick as I pray 

Quantum particles work potently together  

Aromatic fragrances exude out of one another 


Pastor John Cao currently serves a sevenyear sentence in Kunming prison. Readers are encouraged to write prisoners of conscience a letter as it clearly encourages them. You can find more information about letter writing here.

John Cao wrote a collection of poems entitled Living Lyrics: Poems from Prison, which ChinaAid translated and released. Order a copy at this link and leave a review. 

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