NTDTV: Hunan Woman Slapped with 200,000 RMB Fine for Second Pregnancy

NTDTV  2012-06-12 07:31 EST

China’s one-child policy is one of the government’s most controversial practices. And for five-month-pregnant Cao Ruyi, who is pregnant with her second child, it’s put her in a constant state of worry. Cao already had one child with her ex-husband and is now carrying the baby of her current husband, Li Fu. A resident of Changsha City, Cao Ruyi was kidnapped and beaten by birth-control officers and nearly forced to abort. Her husband sought outside help and received international attention. But even though Cao Ruyi has been released, she’s not in the clear.

On Sunday, Cao and her husband were forced to sign a letter of guarantee, requiring them to pay 10,000 RMB. However, after the birth of the child, they will need to pay another fine of nearly 200,000 RMB.

[Li Fu, Cao Ruyi’s Husband]:

“[We] can only wait for the results on the 16th. [If we] are able to pay, then we’ll pay, if not then there is nothing else we can do. [We have to] protect the child first, then we’ll see what happens.”

On the morning of the 6th, more than 10 police officers, along with Hunan Changsha Family Planning party secretary and Hongshan Family Planning Township broke into Cao’s home, took her to the provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital to perform a forced abortion. According to information from China Aid, Cao was also beaten.

On the 11th, one Hunan Changsha Family Planning Employee disclosed that a forced abortion is necessary.

China Aid President Bob Fu said that forced abortion is a tragedy which takes place everyday in China.

[Bob Fu, President, China Aid]:

“It happens almost everyday in various places. Many rural areas have no way to let the outside world hear their cries for help, to attract international attention. There are over 25,000 cases every day.”

Cao’s case received international attention. According to Voice of America, US Congressman Chris Smith made an urgent phone call to the Hunan Province government and officials in Changsha, calling them to immediately stop Cao’s forced abortion.


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