Officials in Zhejiang continue to clamp down, demand management powers over local church


(Zhejiang – August 9, 2019) New information details activity by a sub-district office in Zhejiang in demanding control over the management of a church.

According to reports, the Zhang’anqi Village Church withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Three-Self Patriotic Association’ three years ago.

Now, a sub-district office of the Liandu District government is saying the district’s Christian Association should play a role in church management, and Zhang’anqi Village Church leaders should “actively cooperate.”

A local Christian characterizes the news as a sign that multiple departments will oversee churches in the future and that government officials do not even trust those affiliated with the Three-Self Patriotic Association.

Some authorities have allegedly appointed contact persons at different government churches to establish control over affairs at the houses of worship.

This latest news comes amid continued campaigns by Chinese officials against Christians in the country. In early July, officials in Henan province forcibly demolished a house church.

One Christian injured his hand trying to stop authorities. Officials lied and stated the hospitalized Christian tried to kill himself to halt demolition.

Upon awakening, the Christian blasted authorities over the falsehood and claimed the fake story was concocted to reduce responsibility.

ChinaAid also reported in late July about efforts by Xiamen Huoshi Church to secure a hearing with authorities after their church was forcibly closed on June 16.

Church officials continue to maintain a desire to speak about the Gospel in front of officials and do not have any specific expectations.

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