Officials suddenly raid house of detained pastor

Ruan Haonan
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(Jiangmen, Guangdong—June 24, 2017) In a sequel to the criminal detention of a Christian who hosted church events in his house, officials in China’s southern Guangdong province raided the home of the church’s pastor and took him into custody last week.

Armed with a search warrant, a joint force of officials from the local religious affairs bureau, police station, and national security bureau arrived at the Jiangmen, Guangdong, branch of Fengle Church and intercepted its pastor, Li Wanhua, on June 14. After ransacking the church’s possessions, they took him away and charged him with participating in a cult and “using superstition to sabotage law enforcement.” The next day, he was criminally detained.

The authorities also said that the rooms where church members held service were “too much like a church” and ordered them returned to their original state. In addition, they ransacked through items in his house.

According to his wife, they made her record an oral statement.

On June 12, officials seized Ruan Haonan, a Fengle Church attendee who hosts Christian gatherings in his home, which is known as Mengai House. At the police station, government personnel interrogated Ruan, forced him to sign a transcribed account of the questioning.

His wife, Luo Caiyan, was also brought to the police station, and the officers tried to coerce them both into confessing they had participated in an “evil cult,” saying they could not be released otherwise. They both refused, and Ruan was criminally detained while Luo, who is currently pregnant, was released.

Since Ruan’s detention, Luo has not received any official notifications, even though officials said they had been sent in the mail.

ChinaAid reports abuses, such as those suffered by Ruan Haonan, Li Wanhua, and their families, in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians and promote religious freedom, human rights, and rule of law.

Inventory list of the detained objects
Serial number Name
48 copies
Green rubber cover
12 copies
Green rubber cover
Voice of the Spirit
21 copies
Zhibing poetry
5 copies
Stream of Praise
6 copies
Leaflets of “Having Faith in Jesus will Grant
Eternal Life”
506 copies
30 cm x 13 cm
Leaflets of “For God so Loved the World”
510 copies
30 cm x 13 cm
Fabric with cross on it
60 cm x 80 cm
Offering box
Wooden, with a cross sign
Lesson materials for the Fengle Church Baptism
1 shipment
Stapled A4 paper
Answer Sheet of questions regarding Genesis
1 shipment
Stapled A4 paper
Colored Christian stickers
1 shipment
50 cm x 30 cm

Person in charge of evidence: Chen Jianying (fingerprint)

June 14, 2017

Witness: Yu (undistinguishable)

June 14, 2017

Year/Month/Day Year/Month/Day

Unit in charge of the case (stamp)
People in charge of the case: 
Jiangmen Municipal Public Security Bureau
Xincheng Police Station

There are three copies of the list and one appendix. One copy should be handed to the possessor, another copy should be handed to the keeper at the Public Security Bureau.

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