Officials target Catholic church, couple

Officials take
items from a
church after
raiding it.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(Ganzhou, Jiangxi—July 10, 2020) Authorities raided a Catholic church on June 28 and targeted a couple.

The church was in the middle of a service when more than 20 officials from various government departments interrupted them. Police claimed the Christians held a religious event at a venue that was not registered with the government, which is illegal in China.

The congregants were asked to stop the service immediately. The authorities also wrote down the ID information and phone numbers of more than 20 of the church members present.

The leader of the church and several others were taken away for interrogation. They were later released.

In addition, a Catholic couple residing in Fuzhou was required by local officials to remove the icons in their home.

Otherwise, they would have had to give up their government subsidy for low-income families. In order to keep their icons, the couple decided to give up the subsidy.

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