“One Belt One Road”: Public Private Partnerships

Chinese flag.
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(Commentary on China—Sept. 22, 2020) Throughout the past10 decades within its totalitarian regime, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) attitude toward the ownership of private enterprises has indicated its zero tolerance of other proprietorships.

According to the September 15 headline of Xinhua News Agency [run by CCP authorities] as well as the September 15, CLS Telegram Financial News Agency report by Shanghai CLS Fintech CO., LTD:
          The General Office of the CPC Central Committee issued the Suggestions on Strengthening the               United Front Work in Private Economy in the New Era, which states that the United Front                       Work department and organizations should mobilize private business owners’ involvement in                  the country’s important strategies including the strategy of innovation-driven development so                  that private enterprises can achieve self-realization by serving the country’s economy                              development. Private enterprises should be guided to actively participate in the “One Belt One              Road” project and safeguard the country’s profits conscientiously. Private enterprises need [to]              be encouraged to take part in mixed ownership reform and be guided to improve their corporate               governance in order to explore and build the modern enterprise system with Chinese                              characteristics.

The totalitarian ownership may be veiled as “public private partnerships,” however, only public ownership can exist. Even though the so-called mixed ownership reform appears mild, it aims to overthrow landlords and plunder wealth. Some landowners who did not proactively cooperate with the mixed reform have been imprisoned, confirming the CCP’s lack of tolerance for private enterprises.

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