An Open Letter to Premier Wen Jiabao

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I am Huang Zongzhi, a retired worker of the tenth regiment of the second division of Xinjiang Paramilitary Corps.  After I became a Christian in 1995, my employer started to persecute and intimidate my family in various ways, even withholding my welfare.  At the same time, my brother was also implicated.  His employer keeps making difficulties for him, thus causing huge financial loss and spiritual pressure to his family.
We made many pleas to the local authorities for help, which produced no result.  So we eventually went to Beijing, where the authority told us, “Your Corps has special rules.”  We know the Constitution protects the freedom of religious belief.  Can the rules of Xinjiang Paramilitary Corps be above the Constitution?
Though we made repeated pleas, the problem remains unsettled.
Our family is not the only one being persecuted in Xinjiang.  Other Christians are also being targeted in one way or another.  Some of them are deprived of the right to land rent, some fined, some fired, and some detained and beaten.  And some female believers were even made bald.
Their conducts are in violation of the Constitution and the human rights.

We hereby sincerely ask Premier Wen to take time out of his tight schedule paying a little attention to our sufferings.
Huang Zongzhi
Tel: 0996-2095964.

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