"Gag Order" at Hebei University?


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(HEBEI – Nov. 5, 2010) Christian human rights lawyer Zhang Kai has exposed a dark secret in the “My Father is Li Gang” case, in which he is representing the family of slain Chen Xiaofeng. On November 5, he wrote a proposal requesting Baoding Municipal Public Security Bureau to file an investigative case on people responsible for an usual trend at Hebei University:
Dear Baoding Public Security Bureau,
My name is Zhang Kai and I am the lawyer representing the relatives of Chen Xiaofeng. While investigating Chen Xiaofeng’s case after she was killed by a car, I discovered many issues that need to be scrutinized.
To discover the truth about these issues, on October 26 I sent an open letter to the faculty and students of Hebei University, asking for witnesses to testify on the case. On October 29, I personally delivered this letter to employees in Hebei University in charge of this case, and asked them to forward it to the faculty and students. So far, not a single person has contacted me about testifying on the case. Puzzled by this phenomenon, I was surprised to find there was much talk on the Internet about a “gag order” at Hebei University.
Posted by China Economic Times and on the blog of reporter Wang Keqin, the following messages were printed:
1.  Some members of the Wushu Association sent the following text message to the reporter of this paper: “How are you?  We have just received news that the Wushu Association has issued a gag order on all its members.”
2.  I believe the school and law enforcement can solve this problem justly and in fairness, but I am a little resentful that there is an allegation that the school has tried to gag the students.
3.  Another text message was sent that said: “The day this auto accident occurred, there was this type of news on the school’s BBS on that same evening, but it was quickly removed from the school. On the second day, many freshmen counselors told the students that they are not allowed to disclose this incident or to publish on the Internet anything about this incident.”
4.  A student told the reporter of this paper, “Have you noticed that whenever there is a student being interviewed inside the school, there are always two leaders standing behind them? I find it weird.”
On October 21, Guangzhou Daily posted this following:
1. Some students of Hebei University told the prominent reporter Wang Keqin, “The school authorities do not allow us to talk about this incident. Therefore, it is hard to find witnesses. If someone discloses anything to reporters, the school will certainly discipline the student as soon as they find out who the student is. Everybody is afraid. The witnesses in school can do nothing but keep silent on the topic.”
2.  Someone only identified as “Midnight Cricket” said, “On the second day after the accident, we did not hear indignation from the students or explanation from certain departments.  Instead, we see that students doing good things, like testifying, dare not admit it and witnesses dare not make the facts public.
As a lawyer, I hereby request Baoding Municipal Public Security Bureau to investigate the authenticity of these allegations. If they are true, I believe this conduct of gagging students from speaking has violated the citizens’ right to testify. A case should be filed to investigate the perpetrators of this order on suspicion of trying to stop people from testifying.
Lawyer Zhang Kai
+86 139 1190 0261
In Article 307 of the “Criminal Law,” it is stated that the perpetrator who commits the crime of interfering with testifying refers to “Whoever stops a witness from testifying with violence, threat, bribe, and/or other methods to make false testimony.”

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