Pastor Bike Visits Wang Dao

June 22, 2010

Guangdong —
Recently, Pastor Zhang “Bike” Mingxuan and his wife made a special trip to Guangzhou to visit the family of Pastor Wang Dao, a fellow Christian who was just released from imprisonment. Detained on May 9 on arbitrary charges, Wang Dao was released on bail on June 13 to await his trial.

On the same day that Wang Dao was allowed to return home, Pastor Bike, president of the Chinese House Church Alliance, and his wife Xie Fenglan were briefly detained on their way to visit churches in Jiangsu.  Almost immediately after they were released from their arrest, Pastor Bike and his wife took the risk of going to Guangzhou to visit the family of Pastor Wang Dao, who they have been concerned about.

When the families of the two pastors met, they were both moved and thankful for the grace and love of the Lord. They encouraged each other and prayed together, determined to serve the Lord till the end. They praised God’s guidance by thanking Him for tempering and training the hearts and minds of His sons and daughters through persecution, so that Christians all over the world can enjoy the things done by God in an age of crookedness and treason. They praised the promises and sincerity of God, so that even in tribulation they can be happy and joyful.

According to Pastor Bike and Wang Dao, “Tribulation leads to patience, patience leads to character, and character leads to hope; and people with hope do not feel ashamed, because the Holy Spirit instills God’s love in our hearts.”

Pastor Bike and Wang Dao once again thank churches all over the world for their prayers and encouragement. They know they are doing God’s work and have felt God’s presence in persecution. They continue to believe that those who are persecuted are blessed, and that God is their victorious leader.

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ChinaAid is encouraged to see Chinese Christians like Pastor Bike who continue to and help and visit fellow believers under fire from government officials, despite the dangers to themselves.  We ask Christians worldwide to pray for continued hope and perseverance for Pastor Wang Dao, Pastor Bike, and their families.

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