Pastor Zhan Gang and Study Group Attacked at Jiaozhou Church

ChinaAid Association
October 27, 2010

SHANDONG — On October 26, 2010, as Pastor Zhan Gang of Jiaozhou Church in Shandong arrived at the church with along with some members for a usual morning study. Suddenly, they were attacked and beaten by thugs hired by the local Three-Self Patrotic Movement (TSPM) church. The attackers were suspected of being plain-clothed agents. Pastor Zhan is also the general secretary of Chinese House Church Alliance.
The Christians were forcibly removed from the building. The attack was led by the TSPM director’s sons, namely Wang Zhanquan and Wang Zhanhua — both non-Christians. The director of the Bureau of Religion was directing this operation from behind the scenes. He said he would not allow Zhan Gang to enter the church because he is not a pastor in the TSPM church. 
Now, nearly 1,000 Christians led by Pastor Zhan Gang will no longer be able to conduct normal gatherings. 
ChinaAid supports the members of Jiaozhou Church in their request for Christians all over China to closely monitor this situation, pray for them, and provide help. We request that the TSPM officials in Shandong stop their attack on house church Christians.

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