Persecuted House Church in Langzhong, Sichuan

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Li Baiguang
There is nothing new under the sun. At all times, the tide of persecution cleanses God’s threshing floors.
——[France] Priest Kool

I.  June 27th of 2006: The Latest Persecution
Sunday, June 27, 2006, Christians of the house church in Langzhong, Sichuan Province were holding regular worship services at the home of Wang Shixiu, a Christian in Tianjiagou Village, Baoma Town,  Langzhong City. On their way home following the meeting a police car, a small Chang’an microbus and three motorbikes blocked the Christians way. Fifteen plain clothed policemen forced eight Christians into the car without showing any identification and escorted them to the Public Security Office in Baoma Town for interrogation, including Gou Yongcai, Shi Shihe, Wang Suhua and Zhu Guizhen.

At 5 PM, having heard that house church Christians had been arrested, several preachers, and house church members, Li Ming, Jin Jirong, Wang Yuan and Li Hongbo went to the Public Security Office of Baoma Town to ask for an explanation – these Christians never came back and are still imprisoned.
Christians in the house church, including Li Chengxi, Sun Zhifen and Ke Yufang, went to the Public Security Office of Baoma Town to visit their sisters and brothers who were arrested. Having found that 66-year-old Jin Jirong’s feet were injured, they questioned the policeman. The Policeman required Sun Zhifang to call 120 to treat Jin, Sun did not follow, saying, “How can they be injured if you did not beat him?” For this the policeman detained Sun Zhifang and sent her to Langzhong Guardhouse for 5-day detention for: “Gathering to cause trouble in the Government of Baoma Town, interfering with the law.”
Ke Yufang, Jin Jirong’s aunt, asked the police, “Why did you beat Jin Jirong? He didn’t do anything wrong.” The police arrested Ke Yufang and put her into the police car. As she got on, a policeman slapped her face violently; she was unconscious until the next morning. The Police sent Ke Yufang to Langzhong Guardhouse, and gave her 7-days detention for: “assaulting a policeman and interfering with the performance of his duty.”
Li Chengxi was arrested and sent to Langzhong Guardhouse at 9:00 PM because of two statements, “Why do you arrest others? Why do you beat others?” They gave Li 10 days detention for: “assaulting a policeman and interfering with the performance of his duty.”
Wang Suhua, a Christian who was arrested on her way home the morning of June 27, and given 5-days detention for “participating in the meeting and preaching activities of “All-Ranking Church” Cult, recalled, “The morning of June 27, I went to Wu Village of Baoma Town to visit my aunt. On the way, I was arrested by plain clothed policemen and sent to the Public Security Office of Baoma Town. They did not show any identification when they arrested, abused, and threatened me during the interrogation, and even judged what I believed in to be a cult. I refused to accept their judgment. At my arraignment they confiscated my Bible without giving me detention list. June 28t they gave me the notice of 5-days detention for participating in cult activities. June 29, they arraigned me again, telling me to tell the truth, otherwise they would beat me to death; I would not admit that I was a cult member, the policemen forced me to sign and fingerprint a prepared record.”

II. Conference to Criticize House Church Leaders is Forced to Cancel
The morning of June 27, 2006, house church leaders, Li Ming, Wang Yuan, Li Mingbo and Jin Jirong went to reason with the Langzhong Police. The witnesses recalled that 66-year-old Jin Jirong was beaten and his ankle was injured. Li Ming requested the Police to send Jin Jirong to the hospital for treatment, but the policemen refused and required the Christians to send Jin to hospital. Then the policemen went to another room after a police car arrived. Soon after, the policemen went out, saying they would give them an answer, and concentrated all the people in a big room. After all the people entered the room, the policemen blocked the backdoor, then they pulled down the roller shutter in the front of the room, three of them blocked another door in the front. At that time, four more police cars arrived. After that, someone outside shouted, “Who is Li Ming?” Li Ming answered, “I am.” Upon his words, three policemen pounced at him, beat and kicked him violently, then dragged him out the door, threw him to the ground and beat him. The witnesses present said they only heard Li Ming’s crying “You are killing me!” The police immediately choked Li to silence him, then pushed him into a police car and sent him to the First Detention House of Langzhong.

Witnesses said when the police beat Li Ming, and he cried “you are killing me,” Jin Jirong went to stop the police, without saying a word, he pounced at Jin Jirong. Among them, one policeman swung his fists to hit Jin’s head and shoulder. Three policemen beat Jin in turn, and then dragged him into a car and sent him to the First Detention House of Langzhong.
Witnesses described the circumstances when Wan Yuan was arrested: At the time, three policemen sprang at Wang Yuan and beat him. When Wang Yuan cried out, they choked him to silence him, then threw him on the ground and continued to beat him until he couldn’t move. Then, they dropped Wang Yuan in an enclosed vehicle painted with “garrison.” After Wang Yuan arrived at the Public Security Bureau, he could not stop vomiting. Wang Yuan asked the Police to send him to the hospital; they said Wang was pretending to be hurt. At last he was sent to the First Detention House of Langzhong instead of the hospital.
At the end of June 2006, the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong announced that they would hold a citywide Cultural-Revolutionary-style – thousand-man conference criticizing Li Ming, Wang Yuan, Li Mingbo and Jin Jirong, the leaders of the house church of Langzhong. At the conference, they would announce criminal detention, reeducation through labor or arrest against the four. I went to Langzhong from Beijing, in order to witness the “pomp.” The Christians of the house church of Langzhong also fully prepared for the conference, planning to record it. Maybe because overseas media revealed the persecution against local house churches in advance, the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong has yet to hold the conference. During the period in Langzhong, the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong announced that they would hold the conference on July 6; however, it was cancelled for unknown reasons.
Li Ming, Wang Yuan, Li Mingbo and Jin Jirong were arrested June 27, 2006, and at this writing on July 12, 2006, the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong still has not provide any legal procedures for the citizens or their relatives, but they are still imprisoned without any charge. In Langzhong of Sichuan, the birth place of Fuxi, the ancestor of China’s agriculture, the police’s concept of law is as ancient as their ancestors. The phenomenon was verified when I went to the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government of Langzhong to deliver an Administrative Reconsideration Application with the parties involved, who disagreed with the detention by the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong and the Government’s rusted concept of law we encountered.
III. Launch Legal Relief Activity
At 9:30 AM, July 6, 2006, I delivered the Administrative Reconsideration Application to the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government of Langzhong as the agent of Li Chengxi, Xu Xingyue, Wang Suhua, Zhu Guizhen, Ke Yufang, Sun Zhifen and Shi Shi, legally claiming to confirm the administrative punishment against them by the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong had breached relevant laws and to cancel the administrative punishment against them.

After the employee of the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government of Langzhong finished reading the Application, he said, “You can go now.”
I asked, “You haven’t given us a receipt for our application.
To our surprise, he answered, “We never gave the involved party a receipt, and we determine everything orally.”
I told him, “Official by document, and private by stamp. If we cannot get your receipt, when you refuse to register the application or refuse to reply, and we intend to prosecute the Municipal Government of Langzhong for their nonfeasance, how can I show my evidence? Please give me a receipt.”
Upon my persistence, the employee reluctantly said, “I can only write one for you.”
Then he took out an A4 paper from the printer, on which he wrote: At 9:30 AM, July 6, 2006, received the Administrative Reconsideration Application jointly delivered by Li Chengxi and six other people, copies of the Public Security Administrative Punishment Decision by the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong (seven copies); copies of permanent residence registration card of Zhang Xiaoyan and Ma Shuhua one for each.
Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government of Langzhong, July 6, 2006
He handed the “receipt” to me; I checked and found the “receipt” had not been stamped.
I asked him to stamp at the end of the “receipt,” otherwise others would think it was a forgery. The employee refused to stamp it, saying, “The seal is not kept by me.”
I said, “Could you consult with your leader to stamp the receipt.”
He said, “I cannot, I cannot find the person who keeps the seal.”
I added, “Then you should sign the receipt, otherwise how could we know who issued the receipt?”
The employee was unwillingly to sign his name behind the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government of Langzhong “Zhang Fengping.” It wasn’t until this moment that I came to know his name. I once conducted administrative reconsideration and administrative lawsuit in other provinces, but the experiences in Langzhong were new to me.
At 10:00 AM that day, after we left the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government of Langzhong, a microbus of the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong was parked at the gate, two policemen sat inside. Then, I went with Song Liangyu, Li Yuhua and Gou Qingju, the family members of Li Ming, Jin Jirong, Wang Yuan and Li Mingbo to the Correspondence Complaint Office of the People’s Congress Standing Committee to protest the illegal imprisonment of citizens for 10 days without due process, The employees there learned that we intended to accuse the Public Security Bureau, and told us to go to the Legislative Affairs Commission of the People’s Congress of Langzhong. After we arrived at the Legislative affairs Commission, the Director listened to the family members of the parties involved for no more than 5 minutes and refused to listen any more, telling the us he did not deal with affairs like this. Song Liangyu, Li Ming’s wife went on narrating the case, Huang Shunzong quarreled with her persistently. At last, I stopped them and told Huang Shunzong: The Constitution of the PRC and Local Organization Law regulates that the People’s Congress is an organ of authority being responsible for supervising all governmental departments, the Public Security Bureau, the Court and the prosecution. As the leader of the People’s Congress Standing Committee, you are liable to listen to the electorates’ appeal and wish. No matter what we say, you should listen patiently instead of refusing. You may enquire to relevant departments after hearing. Our citizens pay taxes to establish governmental departments, why do we hire people like you? We hire you only to solve conflicts and problems encountered by citizens in daily life. Huang compromised at last, but still refused to listen, only requiring involved parties to appeal to the Public Security Bureau and the prosecutor. I told Huang: “Even if you do not say so, we will go to the prosecutor and the Public Security Bureau, because that is our right endowed by law. We come to you to reflect the problems in accordance with the provisions of the law, with no element of unreasonable provocation. Your behavior proves that you are completely unqualified for the position. After words, we left the office building of the People’s Congress of Langzhong, to the Accusation & Appeal Department of the Prosecution of Langzhong to accuse the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong.
At 10:50 AM, we arrived at the Accusation & Appeal Department of the Prosecution of Langzhong, finding that the microbus tracking us at the Public Security Bureau had arrived before us. In the Accusation & Appeal Department, a Deputy Prosecution General surnamed as Tong received us. I told the truth about the case process in violation of the law by the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong and illegal imprisonment against citizens for 10 days without providing any legal procedures to the parties involved or their family members, Song Liangyu, wife of one party involved. After a while, a policeman and a policewoman came to the prosecution to listen to the accusation against the Public Security Bureau by Song Liangyu and other family members of the imprisoned. Song Liangyu questioned the policeman, “Why did you hold my husband? He did not break any law, why haven’t you offered a legal procedure after holding him for so long? Not even informing our family members? Why didn’t you tell us where they are held? Why did you drive us out when we went to send clothes? The police had no answer.
The policeman smiled and comforted Song Liangyu, “You go to the police station this afternoon, we will provide you with the legal procedure this afternoon, and allow you to send clothes for your husband.” Gou Qingju, Li Mingbo’s wife, testified that the two policemen told the four wives to ask for procedure papers at the police station and promised to handle the procedure as soon as possible. Before, when family members went to the Detention House, Police drove them out, this time after accusations were made to the prosecution; policemen immediately went to the prosecution to listen to the appeal.
At 11:30 AM, when we left the Prosecution, a car from the Public Security Bureau also arrived at the prosecution. It seemed that the Public Security Bureau and the prosecution would discuss the matter.
Afterwards, it was proved that the policeman’s promise to Song Liangyu and other people the morning of July 6 was not kept. July 12, I finished the draft, Li Gang, Song Liangyu’s son called me and said that the Public Security Bureau was still illegally holding Li Ming, Wang Yuan, Jin Jirong and Li Mingbo without an explanation to the families.
Most disgusting was that on July 6, at 2:00 PM, the afternoon I left Langzhong, the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong arrested Christian Wang Shixiu, who had gone to the fair in the trade market to invite others to a house church meeting in her home. The Public Security Bureau of Langzhong punished her with 10-days public security detention.
IV. Stories in the House Church of Langzhong
I.          Li Ming
Li Ming was born in 1954, and converted to Christianity in 1990. Local Christians said Li Ming was the publicly acknowledged founder of the house church of Langzhong. At the end of 1980s and the beginning of 1990s, only a few older people in Langzhong believed in God. In 1990, Li Ming became a Christian when he witnessed a miracle that happened to his wife, Song Liangyu. 

Li Ming’s wife—Song Liangyu suffered from a mental illness and had exhausted every available treatment without being cured. At last, Li Ming and his wife had nothing in the house but bare walls. At the end of 1980s, someone preached the gospel to her and told her to believe in God and she did. Soon afterward, she was cured. Li Ming witnessed everything, and followed his wife to believe in Jesus.
What was Li Ming like before he became a Christian? Li Ming’s wife, Song Liangyu, told me that before her husband was a typical “loafer.” He once ran amuck in the village, smoked and drank, stole and fought. Sister Song said, as his wife, what I couldn’t bear was that Li Ming even dallied with girls. Song recalled at that time, in order to cure her disease, Li Ming often stole medicine from the hospital since they had no money; He often stole grain from the barn of the production brigade because they had no food. 
The veterinarian in the village who became a Christian at the same time as Li Ming said, before Li Ming was a “bad egg.” He was evil beyond other’s imagination. In spite of his high IQ, he made bad decisions. Li Ming always fought and committed crimes that at last led to his utter isolation. However, only three months after Li Ming became a Christian, he had changed, thoroughly changed! He got rid of all his previous vices.
From then on Li Ming dedicated all his energy and intelligence doing good deeds! First he gave his family to God. His wife studied and became a preacher, he sent his daughter to finish her doctorate in theology in the Catholic University of Korea and she will graduate soon; his son was working on his Masters degree in theology and preparing for doctorate. As for Li Ming himself, he devoted himself to whole-heartedly preaching the gospel full-time. The Langzhong house churches developed rapidly under his direction, from the first a few older people to today’s numerous middle-aged and young people. Li Ming and his co workers set up house churches in the villages of Langhzong, he preached everywhere, trained others and managed the church.
The Public Security Bureau of Langhzong placed Li Ming at the top of their arrest list. In the 16 years since becoming a Christian, Li Ming has experienced public security detention three times, 15 days each time. After his release Li Ming became more enthusiastic. As the house churches flourished, the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong plotted to arrest Li Ming. They spread a dragnet, attempted to arrest Li Ming and stop him from preaching. But each time, being protected by God, Li Ming could escape from the police.
From 2004 to 2006, Li Ming studied theology through correspondence courses in a university in Shanghai, and completed all the courses this year. As Li Ming was prepared to serve God more enthusiastically, God allowed him to rest for a while.
At present, everybody in Li Ming’s family is a Christian, especially his wife, Song Liangyu. The sister who experienced the kindness of God is preaching everywhere in Langzhong, persuading people to believe in God, including policemen and governmental officials.
II.        Jin Jirong:  A valuable pair of cuffs
Jin Jirong was born in 1940 to a poor family, who couldn’t afford to provide a wedding ceremony when he was grown. Jin Jirong married a girl named Li Yuhua and moved in with her family. Following rural convention, a live-in-son-in-law had to change his name, being Li Yuhua’s husband, his name on his ID card and household registration book was changed into Li Wenkai, to satisfy his mother-in-law and father-in-law’s wishes.

July 5, 2006, in Jin Jirong’s home, his wife—Li Yuhua told us a moving story.
In 1993, Jin Jirong became a Christian. One day at the end of November 1994, more than 100 people were baptized in the house church of Langzhong. As a member, Li Wenkai (Jin Jirong) was responsible for keeping watch outside the baptismal site, and to notify others when the police came to they could move to another place. While keeping watch he spotted a group of policemen from Hexi Police Station of the Public Security Bureau. Having no time to warn the others he was thrown to the ground and handcuffed. The policemen brought Jin Jirong into the room where the baptisms were being conducted and rounded them up. At once, people ran Christians were breaking outside one after another; Jin Jirong also escaped in the chaos.
He did not dare go home, but hurried to the home of fellow Christian Gou Fubang still in handcuffs. Brother Gou opened the handcuffs with a small screw driver.
Then Jin Jirong hid the handcuffs after he had taken them home late that night. After telling the family, he went to another fellow Christian’s home that same night and hided for 15 days. Thinking all has passed he returned home, but to his surprise, concealed policeman immediately arrested him and took him to the police station for interrogation.
Police: Where did you hide the handcuffs?
Jin: I threw them into the river.
Police: How did you open it?
Jin: By prayer.
At this, the police led Jin Jirong to a big tree in the courtyard of the police station, and told him to hug the tree with his arms. Then the police cuffed his hands and ordered Jin to remove them. Jin Jirong answered, “The Bible states in Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 ‘For everything there is a season.’ When the time comes, they must be opened.” At last, the police unlocked the cuffs and detained Jin Jirong for 15 days for “spreading false rumors.”
The two policemen persisted to force Jin return the hadcuffs, Jin Jirong always answered that they had been thrown into the river. The policemen required Jin to compensate for the cuffs, Jin asked, “How much?” The policemen said, “RMB¥200.” Jin said, “We havet no money.” Then the policemen searched Jin’s body and found RMB¥ 47. Thus the policeman issued a “payment receipt,” which read:
Name: Li Wenkai             December 30, 1994
We hereby received compensation for handcuffs in the amount of RMB¥47 from Li Wenkai.
Issued by Pan Ruizhi
Upon my request, July 5, 2006, Jin Jirong’s wife, Li Yuhua, brought the cuffs they had hidden for years to Langzhong for me to see I photographed the rusty cuffs with my digital camera.
III.       Deng Kaiyi: Shot through the leg
Deng Kiayi, Second Village of Jinya Town of Langzhong, was born in 1951, and achieved a middle school education. He became a Christian in 1991, and served churches as a counselor.

Late one night in 1995, Jinya Town Police Station, led by their head, went to Deng’s house. The police ordered him to open the door and rounded up his household under the auspices of examining their household registration book. Knowing the police came to arrest him, he tried to escape through the backdoor, but the police found him and ordered him to stand still. Deng did so, but Wang Ting, a policeman drew his pistol and shot Deng in the left leg! The bullet went completely through Deng’s leg and he bled profusely! Deng Kaiyi fell to the ground immediately. The police drove him to the Hospital of Jinya Town.
Soon after, relatives, sisters, and brothers in the church went to see Deng Kaiyi. Deng’s wife remained sick all year long, his family was as destitute. In the face of her family’s situation, she attempted suicide by poison. She was rushed to the hospital and her attempt failed. The couple incurred medical expenses totaling RMB¥4,000.00, but the police refused to pay a penny! The entire burden was placed on the miserable couple. 
Deng’s wound had not healed; but he was driven from the hospital by the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong, and sent to the Detention Hose of Langzhong, to serve a three-year reeducation through labor sentence at the Mianyang Reform School.
The shooting affected Deng Kaiyi greatly. In 1998, after Deng was released from the Reform School, he took his wife to a foreign place, and sought employment in the most remote area of Xinjiang. From then on, he never returned to his birthplace for fear of being shot again.
Deng Kaiyi and his wife did not have any children, so they adopted a boy and they lived in a run down house. In distinct contrast Wang Ting, the policeman who shot Deng, was promoted to Deputy Director of Jinya Town Police Station.
IV.        Hu Shiguo: Story of a Veterinary
July 5, 2006, I met the locally famous veterinary, Christian Hu Shiguo, who was my age, in Langzhong. Brother Hu was born on 1968, and has been a Christian for 16 years. He was the leader of house church in Wuyi Village, Baoma Town, Langzhong City. The persecutions he suffered were recorded as follows:

In February 1992, the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong detained Hu Zhiguo for 15 days for “proclaiming himself an underground preacher, spreading false rumors,” and fined him RMB¥300. This time, the policeman cuffed his hands behind his back and beat Hu. They tortured him for three months.
June 2, 1997, while still sleeping at 5:00 AM, the police kicked in the door of Hu Shiguo’s home, pointed a gun at his head and threatened to kill him. On the way to the police car, Hu tried to escape. A policeman sprang at Hu but failed to catch him in the attempt the policeman fell to the ground and fractured his knees, the 4,000-yuan medical expenses were born by Hu.
Then the police arrested Hu and hung him from big tree by handcuffs for two hours. Then they dragged him into a house and beat him. The police beat Hu with a club which was customized with spikes all over it, and used to serve the ones who the police regarded as crooked. They beat Hu’s hip, then legs and back until Hu was black and blue all over. At last, Hu’s body was covered with cuts and bruises. After two hours the police stopped and sent Hu to Langzhong Collecting Post (?) for 60-days imprisonment. In the collecting post, Hu Jianguo’s legs were almost paralyzed and he couldn’t walk for 10 days.
At last, Hu Jianguo’s family paid RMB¥3,000.00 to bail Hu out and awaite trial. After that, the police never return the 3,000-yuan bail.
At present, Hu Shiguo’s wife and two children are Christians and happily serve God.
V.         The Director of Detention House sighed, “The Detention House of Langzhong was built for Christians.”
In the 1990s, people came and went to the collecting post and detention house of Langzhong, Sichuan, most of them Christians. Each year, scores of Christians were sent for reeducation through labor, usually for two to three years. Christians told me that the persecutions against Christian were countless in Langzhong. During the past ten years, only a few Christians have not been arrested in Langzhong and they were all fined, some up to four times. Village and town cadres would arrest Christians and fine them to get money to drink and smoke. Even the village cadres could fine Christians at any time. What was most interesting was that the non-believers may discriminate against and report Christian meetings. The 80-year-old sister, Lei Guofang, in the Sixth Village of Baoma Town, was fined by village cadres four times. In one arrest, town cadres and policemen tore a big lock of hair out of her head and caused her great pain! But she was dedicated to serving God without fear. She still confidently carries on reception work at home.

Over the last century more than 60 Christians have been reeducated fro two to three years in Langhzong. Their sentences total 120 to 180 years! More than 1000 have been detained for 10 to 15 days! At last, the Director of Langzhong Detention House sighed, “Langzhong Detention House was built for Christians, everyday they walked to and fro endlessly.”
In the past, their persecutions could be described as follows:
1. They are forced to wear a tall paper hat (dunce cap) and a blackboard hung around their neck stating their crime and paraded them through streets;
2. Physically punished by having to kneel on the ground for long hours.
3. Beaten with mulberry braches, the house church leader—Li Ming’s daughter and son were all beaten in this way.
The internal policy of the Public Security Bureau to persecute Christians is as follows:
For those who continue to gather after serving three detentions, must serve reeducate through labor for three years. Upon conviction, the strategy is: you not convicted for the crime of believing in God, but believing in a cult instead, and randomly label Christians as cult followers.
In Langzhong, if a preacher preached without approval of the governmental “Three-Self” church, the police make accusations that could not be found in any Chinese laws: “proclaimed preacher.” For example, I had a one year and six months Reeducation through Labor Decision against sister Song Liangqing. The officials said, “Song refused to mend her ways after being punished for preaching in 1993 and 1994. From 1994, she continued to be involved in the activities of an illegal organization “Disciple Association,” recruited of members, and wantonly advocated heresies and sophistries, and has seriously disturbed the social order. In order to strictly enforce laws and regulations, reeducate, and reclaim her, according to the Notice on Strict Handling Affairs, Execution of Policies, Further Developing Anti-“Six Harms” Campaign by the Ministry of Public Security, it is determined to reeducate Song Liangqing through labor for one year and six months.
Reeducation through Labor Management Committee of Nanchong Municipal Government, May 23, 1995″

In Langzhong, the police can fine Christians for “spreading false rumors.” This is documented in the following:
Judgment on Punishment by Public Security Management Department of the Public Security Bureau of Langzhong      No. 258       Mar 11th of 1993
Li Yuchang, violator of public security management, male, 40 years old, is determined to punish him with a fine amounting to RMB¥200 for his behavior of spreading false rumors, according to Article 19 of Regulations of the PRC on Administrative Penalties for Public Security.
In case of disagreement against the judgment, appeals to the upper level public security institutions must be made within five days.
As one of the main coworkers in house church of Langzhong, Wang Yuan, was detained and reeducated several times. In March 2003, the police gave Wang Yuan to a two-year reeducation through labor sentence for “refusing to mend his ways, being involved in illegal activities after public security detention in April 1993, recruiting more than 80 believers from 1994 to 1999, teaching hymns and preaching.” In the persecution on June 27, 2006, Wang Yuan was arrested when he strived after rights for other Christians. But this time, God presented Wang Yuan a generous gift: On the 6th day after his arrest (July 3rd), Wang Yuan’s wife gave birth to a boy. Although Wang Yuan was still in the Detention House, and couldn’t fulfill his responsibilities as a husband and a father, God has blessed the family.
A son was the best gift God could give to Wang Yuan.
Beijing, July 12, 2006.

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