(Opinion) Supporting Hong Kong’s Struggle from the Perspective of Defending Human Civilization


Written as am opinion piece by a special commentator of China Aid Association

(Midland, Texas—Aug. 11, 2019) Hong Kong’s “anti-extradition” legislation triggered a tug-of-war between civilization and barbarism. Hong Kong is facing a crisis, and human civilization is at risk of brutal extermination, which cannot be ignored.

On July 29, the Press Office of the State Council of the Communist Party of China held a press conference on the position and views concerning the current situation in Hong Kong. They defined Hong Kong’s anti-extradition demonstrations as 

“having seriously undermined the overall prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, seriously challenged the rule of law and social order in Hong Kong, seriously jeopardized the safety of life and property of the Hong Kong people, seriously breached the bottom line of the principle of ‘one country, two systems’ and is absolutely intolerable”.

On July 31, Chen Daoxiang, Commander-in-Chief of People’s Liberation Army [PLA] troops deployed in Hong Kong, endorsed at a reception celebrating the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party’s armed forces that the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Movement 

“seriously undermined the overall prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, seriously challenged the rule of law and social order in Hong Kong, seriously threatened the lives and property of Hong Kong citizens, and seriously breached the “one country, two systems” bottom line principle and is absolutely intolerable, and that we strongly condemn it.”

By no coincidence, on the evening of July 31, an international ice hockey competition was held in Beijing (China versus Hong Kong). When the Hong Kong team was ahead 11-2, the Chinese national team players surrounded and assaulted the outnumbered Hong Kong players on the pretext that Hong Kong refused to concede defeat to China. The referees did not stop them. The coaches and spectators were cheering.

Protests In Hong Kong (Photo: ChinaAid) 
[Editor’s note: ChinaAid has reviewed the footage of the beatings, available here, and referees on the ice did intervene, but only after the beatings continued for a time and broke the sport’s rules for permitted hitting, including multiple hits to the head. Some spectators were also shouting “Stop it!” repeatedly in English. The video is taken too far from the coach’s bench to gauge their reaction. China’s hockey association has promised the attack would not happen again, but China advised the Hong Kong players not to speak about it in the media upon their return].

It may seem accidental that the Chinese players beat up Hong Kong players while referees ignored the incident and coaches and spectators applauded. However, against the backdrop of propaganda launched by Chinese Communist authorities in recent days to smear Hong Kong, incite violence, and provoke patriotic passion, this incident has naturally become a scene of directing hatred towards Hong Kong. This obviously foreshadows a coming bloodbath in Hong Kong.

In recent days, more and more online media has revealed a large number of Chinese military personnel and police have infiltrated Hong Kong in disguise. More troops are around Hong Kong under the pretext of conducting military exercises. It can be seen that Chinese Communist Party authorities are quickly making plans to suppress and massacre the Hong Kong people.

In the meantime, the Chinese Communist Party-led media continues to make accusations that Western countries, led by the United States, are behind Hong Kong’s protests.

They are turning Hong Kong’s protests into conflicts between the ‘enemy’ and ourselves, and announcing through a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that North Korea openly supports the position of the Chinese Communist Party on the Hong Kong issue and wilfully exaggerates Hong Kong’s independent forces. 

Thus, the Chinese Communist Party, through the Hong Kong issue, is dividing the world into two groups: those who support the Chinese Communist Party’s suppression of Hong Kong, and those who oppose it. Those modern civilized countries that adhere to universal values have become enemies of totalitarian and barbaric states. A worldwide confrontation between good and evil, triggered by Hong Kong’s anti-extradition campaign, is already under way.

Faced with unjustified accusations and deliberate provocations by the totalitarian authorities of the Chinese Communist Party, the United States, representing the Western civilized world, responded directly: …. 

[Editor’s note: Since the exact person who said the quote that follows in the original document could not be verified by ChinaAid, we have chosen to redact the rest of this paragraph and instead provide a summary of the author’s intent in using the quote, which was to reiterate that the U.S. government supports Hong Kong and encourages China to abide by its agreement with Britain to respect Hong Kong’s autonomy for 50 years after the handover, which occurred in 1997].

A series of developments in the world clearly shows a confrontation between civilization and barbarism, triggered by the protest movement in Hong Kong’s anti-extradition campaign, have come on scene.

The confrontation between civilization and barbarism was directly attributed to the suppression of the Hong Kong people’s opposition to The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. Subsequently, the Hong Kong people made the following five appeals: 1) the complete withdrawal of the amendment to The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance; 2) the investigation of police shootings and suppression; 3) the non-prosecution and release of anti-extradition demonstrators; 4) the revocation of the decision that the June 12 rally was a riot; 5. Carrie Lam’s accountability and resignation.

It should be noted the demands of the Hong Kong citizens are their legitimate rights, and authorities should hold dialogues and respond to them. However, the Hong Kong government, ordered by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, totally ignored the demands of the people, delayed, and refused to respond directly.

Finally, in the face of surging public opinion, it only temporarily shelved the deliberations of the Regulations as a response to the complaints of the Hong Kong people, leading to boiling indignation and growing protests. 

The Hong Kong government, led by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, has been intensifying its contradictions and turning an anti-extradition movement into a people vs. government confrontation.

When soldiers are approaching the city and preparing to create a bloodbath in Hong Kong, we can see that this is a script completely similar to the “June 4th massacre” of 1989 and the authorities are deliberately driving people to the slaughterhouse 

[Editor’s note: June 4, 1989, was the date of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing, when the Chinese government enacted martial law against student protesters, killing many of the activists and bystanders in the process].

In the face of the butcher’s knife raised by the Chinese Communist authorities, the civilized world should have a clear understanding of the upcoming pressure of slaughter in Hong Kong.

With the history of the Communist Party in recent decades, from martial law and massacre in Lhasa to the slaughter in Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party has never spared violence in order to maintain totalitarian rule. The totalitarian rule of the Chinese Communist Party is only obsessed with violence.

As a place in the East where the values of the civilized world have taken root, Hong Kong has long embraced universal values wholeheartedly, such as modern human rights, freedom, democracy, rule of law, dignity, equality, fairness, and justice, while the totalitarian rulers of the Chinese Communist Party are hostile to and hate these universal values and are determined to destroy them.

Therefore, eliminating the modern, civilized values of the Hong Kong people has become the state policy of the totalitarian ruling group of the Communist Party.

Since the date of Hong Kong’s return [to Chinese control], the Chinese Communist Party has never relaxed its efforts to convert Hong Kong into a place resembling a mainland city, ridding Hong Kong of its civilization, restoring barbarism, and transforming the people of Hong Kong from masters to slaves. This has led to the revision of teaching materials and the revision of Article 23. Today, The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance incident in Hong Kong is the continuation of these despotic and barbaric efforts.

In the face of attempts by the totalitarian ruling authorities of the Chinese Communist Party to eliminate the values and systems of Hong Kong’s modern civilization, the people of Hong Kong feel their elements of modern civilization are facing crisis of erosion and extinction.

Consequently, through this anti-extradition incident, they stood up to fight. Therefore, the anti-extradition campaign shows that the people of Hong Kong are defending the values and systems of modern civilization. In this regard, all of the civilized world should have a deep sense of compassion for each other.

This is because the crisis of Hong Kong’s civilization is a crisis where totalitarian dictatorship and barbarism are clashing with civilization.

When Hong Kong is brutally encroached on by the totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party, Western civilization will surely face the same fate of being encroached on by totalitarian regimes. Therefore, to support the Hong Kong people’s struggle toady is to defend human civilization against totalitarian brutality. It is the common mission of the civilized world.

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(Opinion) Supporting Hong Kong’s Struggle from the Perspective of Defending Human Civilization

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