Personal Testimony from Believers Detained in Zhejiang

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Description of the incident:
Ruan Lili: A female of Han Nationality born on February 14, 1972. Her address is 143, Jinjia Village, Sanjia Neighborhood, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou.
On January 31, 2008, Ruan Lili and several other Christians went to distribute Christian Gospel flyers in the General Bus Passenger Station of Taizhou which is within the border of Jiazhi Neighborhood of Jiaojiang. At about 10 o’clock, the people in charge of administration at the bus station came out and tried to prohibit us from distributing the flyers and dispersed us. Ruan Lingling was taken to a police station for interrogation. When Ruan Lili, Wang Xia, Ye Liping found Ruan Lingling, the law enforcement officers detained them all. Soon after that, two directors from the Bureau of Religion and the leader of the Homeland Security Defense Brigade also came along with an elder from our church and the president of the TSPM. After the elder and the president read the flyer and found they are in line with the Bible, they demanded that the police release the detainees. However, their request was denied. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Cao Meihong, deputy director of the Bureau of Religion came and said: “Without our approval, you people cannot engage in this Gospel ministry. You can only distribute them in your church and you are not allowed to distribute them in other places.” Meanwhile, with their suggestion, the Bus Station Police Station transferred us to Jiaojiang District Police Station.
The four Christians of us have been wondering what crime we committed, if at all.  At about 12 o’clock midnight, the instructor at Jiazhi Police Station took out four copies of detention statements and wanted us to sign on them. The penalty statement says we endangered the society and illegally distributed flyers in the name of religion (Ruan Lili, Ruan Lingling and Wang Xia each received five days and Ye Liping received six days). We refused again and again to sign the documents and they always tried to force us to sign. On February 1, we signed out of helplessness and under their coercion. They even video taped the process of signing. What we did not expect was that when they learned we had printed the Gospel flyers ourselves, they searched our place of gathering (the residence of Shen Xinhan, a Taiwanese compatriot of ours) without giving any reason or showing any search warrant. They seized three large hemp bags of flyers, Christian books and discs. Even now, they still haven’t given us the list of seized objects or receipts.

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