Pilgrim’s Progress: The Wilderness Life of Exiles

Mayflower members tending to the flooded room
(Photo: Elder Wenshen Wen)

The Wilderness Life of Exiles


Due to
the rain last night, the place we use for Sunday Worship and as a classroom was
flooded with water.


When our
members found out about it, they came down quickly. Some took brooms, some
mops, buckets, and other tools and came down. My heart was joyful to see this


church has been established for almost ten years, and I have been in this
church for ten years. When something like this happened, we didn’t react this
way in China. At that time, although each of our families lived very close to
the church, everyone had their things to do and their social circles, so church
matters did not come first.


the Spirit of God moved us to leave China and go into exile, to a place that
was completely new to us. We couldn’t find enough places to live, so we lived
in a house with two families. We began a painful yet joyful life together.
Although we had been believers for many years, we had never tried to live with
one another like that. We were two families living together, and for six months
we shared a kitchen and a bathroom.


could not escape our sins in such an environment, but by the grace of the Lord,
we learned to discipline each other to repent during it. “Iron sharpens
iron, and one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17) Now we have completely
lost our old social circle, and we have established a new social circle which
is a fellowship with God as the center and brothers and sisters as friends;
with the church as the center of our lives, and with worship to link each
family together. Although we are far from the complete fellowship in heaven, we
are already on the path. Trust that God will bless those who are close to Him
and honor His Word.


is the epitome of our life in exile in the wilderness. There are all kinds of
hardships and more joys; there are all kinds of lack and more accompanied by a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire. We admit that we are foreigners and
strangers on earth. We are longing for a better country—a heavenly one. Amen!


Wenshen Wen

14, 2022

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