Police seize Hao Guiru for visiting Minister Wu Wuqing inside his home (with door chained)

Hao Guiru (Right) opened the chain lock and met with Minister Wu Wuqing in his home.
(Photo: ChinaAid Resource)

Chengdu, Sichuan Province—June 15, 2021) On June 12 at approximately 8 am, Early Rain Covenant Church’s (ERCC) Brother Hao Guiru visited Minister Wu Wuqing at his home in Longquanyi District. In addition to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials unlawfully restraining Minister Wu’s family at home since June 4, authorities installed a lock and an iron chain on his door to prevent Minister Wu’s family from leaving. When Brother Hao opened the lock with a nutcracker, however, surprising Minister Wu and his wife, the couple greeted him with hugs.

During the morning of June 11, as Minister Wu’s two kids needed to leave home at 7:30, the guard refused to open the lock, stating the children could not leave until 8 am. Thus, Minister Wu called 110 (equivalent to US 911). Half an hour later, although police returned his phone call, they did not dispatch an officer to help them. Minister Wu then called 12389 (hotline to report police department misconduct), but official stated that staff members had not yet arrived in their office. When Minister Wu phoned 12345 (hotline to ask mayor’s office for help or file complaints), staff created a case for him, but asked him to wait for a response. On the morning of June 12, he still had not heard anything.

Minister Wu’s wife said: “We hope the government will tell us why they locked us inside our home. Why can our kids only leave home after 8 am?” She also noticed that the older couple and their grandchild who live across the hallway from them needed the guard to open the lock to get into their home.

Compelled by the Holy Spirit, Brother Hao decided to ask one of the guards why officials had restrained Minister Wu’s family at home. At Minister Wu’s home that morning, Brother Hao ate breakfast with him and afterward, they prayed and sang hymns together. When Brother Hao prepared to leave, he noticed the door had again been locked from the outside. The on duty guard refused to open the lock, stating he had to wait for his supervisor’s response.

While waiting, Brother Hao and Minister Wu’s family continued to sing hymns. Police officers from Damian Police Station knocked on the door twice between 8 am and 9 am. When they asked Minister Wu to cooperate with them and hand Brother Hao over to them. Minister Wu said, “I called 110 for help yesterday, but no one came…. I did not ask you for help today, but you are here. I will not open the door.”

The police officers then threatened: “If you don’t open the door, we will cut off your water and power.”

Brother Wu replied:

You are police officers. Do what you should do.


Officers then forcibly kicked on his door and broke the handle. Officers also threatened to break into his home. Minister Wu and his wife recognized one police officer by his voice. Mr. Li, Deputy Director of Damian Police Station.

Next, police officers broke into Minister Wu’s home, seized Brother Hao, and transported him away. Minister Wu and his wife said:

Brother Hao Guiru was ready.

We do not know what will happen to him at the police station, but we know God will remember and bless him because he paid a price to love his Brother and Sister in Christ.

Thank you, God.

Christian Hao Guiru of Early Rain Covenant Church.
(Photo: ChinaAid Resource)

Brother Hao, more than 50 years old (never married), works at an “ordinary job.” After the massive crackdown against ERCC on December 9, 2018, his employer, Yonghui Supermarket fired him because of his Christian belief. Although frugal when spending on himself, Brother Hao generously gives to his Brothers and Sisters in Christ. After the crackdown, with many people fearful of gathering with no place to meet for worship, Brother Hao rented a bigger apartment. 

Every Saturday, he phoned his Brothers and Sisters and invited them to gather at his home on Sunday to worship God. Each Sunday, he prepared a love feast for them—a full table of delicious foods. At times, he treated them to meals in restaurants to encourage them to gather with him and other believers.

CCP officials forced Brother Hao to move four times after the crackdown, once during the cold winter. Police officers not only threatened his landlord to terminate Brother Hao’s lease, but they also refused to allow him to live at any other Christian’s home. When they learned that he and another Brother planned to rent together in Caojiaxiang Community, police dispatched numerous community workers and police officers to prevent them from settling there. Community workers beat up Brother Hao and the other Brother while police officers stood by and watched…. They warned him that they would not even allow him to sleep on the street. Despite being beaten, and having his utilities and water cut off, Brother Hao refused to leave ERCC.

 Instead, the persecutions have made Brother Hao love his Church even more.

CCP authorities forced Hao Guiru to move in May 2020.
(Photo: ChinaAid Resource)

One Christian from ERCC posted prayer requests for Brother Hao on WeChat. Zhang Xinyue, Elder Li Yingqiang’s wife, said:

If you saw these prayer requests and you are not a believer yet, don’t worry too much for us.

 Things like this happen a lot in our lives.

 I believe God’s grace and blessing are behind these tribulations.


Later, after police released Brother Hao at 6 pm, he posted on his WeChat Moments:

Brothers and Sisters, peace be with you in Jesus Christ.

I have arrived home safely. Thanks to God’ grace and protection,

When in the police station, I completed a basic report. Afterward, I simply sat in the office.

 I am safe….

Thank you for your prayers.

After police seized Brother Hao from Minister Wu’s home, one of those standing guard at the door removed the iron chain. Whether Minister Wu’s family regained freedom, however, remains unknown.


I will both lie down in peace, 
and sleep; 
For You alone, O Lord, 
make me dwell in safety.
                                                    ~ Psalm 4:8 (NKJV)

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