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(ChinaAid—Feb. 23, 2021) Bob Fu, PhD, founder and president of ChinaAid, reports and expands on recent news stories regarding religious freedom and rule of law in China. He also notes relevant, related international news.

Reports include the major breaking news story on February 1, in the South East Asia country of Myanmar, also known as Burma. Myanmar’s neighboring countries include Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, China and India. The military, declaring a year-long state of emergency, seized control following a general election that Ms. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party won, positioning Commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing in control. has received international condemnation and sanctions for his allegedly attacking ethnic minorities. Min Aung Hlaing immediately detained Nobel Peace Prize winner, Madam San Suu Kyi president and all her cabinet members.

Other stories include:

ChinaAid aligns with 34 other groups and organizations to condemn the arrests of more than 50 pro-democracy HongKongers
(ChinaAid Association—Jan. 09, 2021) ChinaAid joins 34 international groups and organizations dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights; soundly and consistently condemning Beijing for the arrests of more than 50 pro-democracy figures in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong: Human Rights Groups Condemn Mass Arrests

We, the undersigned 35 groups and organizations dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights, condemn the arrests of over 50 pro-democracy figures in Hong Kong. The arrests symbolize the ongoing weaponization of law to undermine the democratic aspirations and rights of Hong Kong people. The international community must continue to condemn this blatant political repression of HongKongers peacefully exercising their rights.

Police raid Chengdu ERCC; ban all religious activities during Chinese New Year 
(Sichuan, Province; Shandong Province; Beijing —Jan. 16, 2021) At approximately 7 am on January 14, police officers, school district officials, and urban management officers raided the home of Liang Huali and Shu Qiong, his wife, and confiscated numerous personal possessions. At the time, Mr. Liang and Ms. Shu, Christians who attend Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church (Sichuan Province), were guiding their children in their studies.
In other legal maneuvers targeting freedom of religion in Sichuan, as well as in Beijing, and in some other areas, the Christian Council and the Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches sent official notices to ban all religious activities during the 2021 Chinese New Year.
Suspected CCP-connected “strangers” attack two Kazakhstan refugees who escaped from Xinjiang

(Republic of  Kazakhstan—Jan. 22, 2021) Almost simultaneously in two separate locations on January 21, suspected Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-connected “strangers” attacked two Kazakhstan refugees who escaped from Xinjiang. Murager Alimuly and Kaisha Akan both covered violations of ethnic minority rights in China and fled Xinjiang. “Strangers” injured both of them in two separate attacks on the same day.
Update: As Guo Feixiong loses contact with “outside,” volunteer team concerned he has been “trapped by the police”
(Shanghai—Jan. 29, 2021) On January 28, shortly after Guo Feixiong and his sister Yang Maoping arrived at Pudong Airport in Shanghai, preparing to board an international flight to San Francisco, authorities from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security [Chinese Communist Party (CCP)] intercepted him under “suspicion of endangering national security.” Mr. Guo recounted his initial Pudong Airport incident: … Guangzhou’s state security will board a plane overnight to come and seize me. This is a tough battle; it has entered the front-line clash.
Public Statement by recently rescued, human rights activist Ms. Wang Jing
(ChinaAid Association—January 30, 2021) At the end of 2020, ChinaAid Association helped orchestrate the rescue of Ms. Wang Jing, a Chinese human rights activist, from mainland China to the USA. On January 29, Ms. Wang asked ChinaAid to publicize the following public statement she penned: [Excerpt] “I consider it both the responsibility of direct victims like me as well as the mission of our generation to terminate the CCP’s tyrannical rule. For too long, it has affected and threatened the safety and freedom of the entire human race.
At the end of his updates, Dr. Fu encourages viewers to pray for those being persecuted for their faith—for God to bless them…, to bless China…, to bless America.


God be merciful to us and bless us,
And cause His face to shine upon us, 
                                               ~  Psalm 67:1 (NKJV)
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