Image of Pastor John Cao who was placed in prison on illegal border crossing charges, despite the fact that they had never had trouble before.

President Trump Must Urge Chinese President Xi to Stop Human Rights Abuses

Pastor John Cao
(Photo: courtesy of Ben Cao)

(Buenos Aires—Nov. 30, 2018) As President Donald Trump meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday, innocent people are being illegally held in China’s prisons, including Americans and religious practitioners.

Sandra Han and her children, Cynthia and Victor Liu, traveled to China on American passports to visit an elderly and ill relative, fully expecting to be able to return to the United States. However, Chinese police arrested Han and eventually sent her to one of the nation’s clandestine, extralegal prisons notorious for torturing inmates. Cynthia and Victor attempted to depart the country together, but airport authorities told them they were not allowed to leave. For months now, they have been held in the country against their will.

With the family contained within the nation, China hopes to lure back their estranged father, Liu Changming, who fled to the States with his family in 2007 after his bank in southern China become the focal point of a massive fraud case. If he returns, he will undergo China’s legal process. Cynthia and Victor, however, have not been accused of a crime.

The Liu family’s case is symptomatic of China’s gross human rights abuses. In the past few years, the nation has arrested untold numbers of Christians for practicing their faith, accusing them of violating the law even though the Chinese Constitution technically safeguards freedom of belief. One of these Christians, North Carolina resident and Chinese citizen John Cao, has been behind bars since March 2017, serving a seven-year sentence on a trumped up charge. Cao, whose wife and children are American citizens and reside in the U.S., is known for establishing schools for 2,000 impoverished minority children in Myanmar, and it is likely that they targeted him for his faith rather than an actual crime. After his arrest, a Chinese-backed militant group within Myanmar began ruthlessly persecuting his fellow missionaries, with the atrocities continuing to this day.

Additionally, China is currently carrying out a large-scale persecution of innocent Muslims. In northwestern Xinjiang, an area known for restive tension between the Chinese Communist Party and local residents, most of whom are of Turkic descent and practice Islam, authorities have been routinely rounding up and imprisoning and ethnic minority Chinese citizens and placing them in “re-education camps.” Even though China alleges that these camps are educational and for the benefit of the people, personal testimony from camp survivors indicate that inmates are tortured, starved, and forced to study Chinese government propaganda material.

Such violations of human rights and dignity epitomize the direct opposition to the values of Americans as well as many nations across the world. That’s why, when Trump meets with Xi at the G-20 summit in Argentina on Saturday to discuss trade, he should continue to press China on its human rights abuses and urge Xi to unequivocally and unconditionally free the wrongly imprisoned.

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