Professor jailed for criticizing China

Guo Quan

(Nanjing, Jiangsu—March 9, 2020) Former professor Guo Quan never came home after going to the public security department on Jan. 31.

The department’s personnel asked Guo, who used to teach at Nanjing Normal University, to chat with them. He reportedly left home very happy, but he never returned, and his phone was shut off.

When an official called his wife the next day, she knew something had happened.

The police then called and asked for permission to enter Guo’s home. They obtained a warrant and searched it but only took away a phone.

Officers also asked Guo’s family to sign a statement regarding a one-month detention for Guo, but it wasn’t an official detention certificate.

When it came to the reason for his detention, police said he had published articles on the internet that deceived elderly people and criticized the government. Authorities did not mention whether he was being detained or would be subjected to further prosecution.

As of now, his family does not have the money to hire a lawyer for him.

Guo previously served 10 years in prison for his activism.

Because of the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, many people in Guo’s area are under voluntary quarantine. As such, no one can send clothing to the detention center without risking getting infected.

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