Prominent House Church Leader Detained in Xinjiang on Separatism Charge

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Photo: Government Propaganda informs citizens to report “Evil Cult” activity, referring to House Churches across Xinjiang Province

(Huocheng, Xinjiang —May 19, 2008)CAA has learned that a prominent house church leader was detained in Xinjiang Province on May 16, 2008. Eyewitnesses have informed CAA that at 1:00pm on May 16, 2008, Lou Yuanqi, a house church leader in Qingshuihe Town, Huocheng County of Xinjiang Uygur Atonomous Region was summoned to Qingshuihe Township Police Station by The State Security agency and interrogated for an hour. At 11:30pm the same day, Lou Yuanqi was transferred to Huocheng County Detention Center under a charge of “inciting separatism”.  Pastor Lou has been arrested several times in the past. He was detained on October 20, 2006, along with 3 other pastors for organizing a House Church. All 4 pastors served 32 days in detention where they were severely beaten by guards and inmates on a daily basis. This is the first time Lou has been detained under criminal detention which means he will likely face a serious indictment in the court. On Febuary 28, 2008, his 16 year old daughter Lou Nan was detained for one day along with other 10 minors when they were caught attending a children’s Bible study. This will be the second time the Chinese government has used a “Separatist Charge” against a house church leader. On May 27, a Uygur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti will be tried in the Kashi City Court, in Xinjiang for being accused of separatism and espionage for foreigners. (more details  at )
CAA calls upon the Chinese government to immediately release this innocent pastor.
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Cell Phone numbers in Hucheng PSB office?
Director of Police: Mr. Wang Keqiang +86- 13909999156
Director of Domestic Security Protection: Mr. Di Li Xia Ti +86-13519980871
Deputy Director of Domestic Security Protection?Mr. Li Gang +86-15894-181-855 +86-13899703878
Director of Detention Center?Mr. Jiao Feng +86-13909991370
Deputy Director of Detention Center?Mr. Sun Baoliang+86-13031375159
Ms. Wu Aiying, Minister of Ministry of Justice of the PRC
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