The Prosecution Paper Against Pastor Wang Zaiqing

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People’s Prosecutor of Tianjia’an District
Huainan City
Anhui Province
The Prosecution Letter
To: People’s Court of Tianjia’an District, Huainan City
Personal information of defendant Wan Zaiqing: born January 1, 1963, ID No.: 230822196303030010, Han Ethnic Group, received primary education, currently unemployed, currently living in Room 104, Bailan Family Building South, Datong District, Huainan City. His permanent residence is Qingfeng Village, Shitouhezi Township, Huanan County, Heilongjiang Province. April 28, 2006, he was placed in custody under suspicion of illegal business practices. May 25, 2006 the People’s Prosecutor of Tianjia’an District, Huainan City (hereafter referred to as “we” or “us”) gave approval for the arrest. May 26, 2006, the Division of PSB of Huainan City in Tianjia’an District executed the arrest.
The Huainan City PSB in Tianjia’an District concluded the investigation of this case based upon the accusation that the defendant was suspected of illegal business practices, the Huainan City PSB in Tianjia’an District transferred the review and prosecution to us on August 24, 2006. On that date we informed the defendant of his right to an attorney, interrogated the defendant according to law and reviewed all the materials having to do with the case.
We now find the facts to be: that the defendant Wang Zaiqing, went to Linmu County in Shandong Province on March 2, 2006, and found Wu Qinghuai (dealt with in another case) who engaged in illegal printing. Wang Zaiqing signed a contract with Wu Qinghuai to print 2000 sets of the Pillar of Fire book collection (each set includes five books), ten thousand copies of the book Why Believe Jesus, and a hundred thousand gospel tracts. Wang Zaiqing provided the samples and paid a deposit of twenty thousand RMB. At the end of March, 2006, Wang Zaiqing went to Linmu County, and collected twenty four cases containing the book Why Believe Jesus and the gospel tracts. Sixteen cases were circulated around China, and other 8 cases were sent to Huainan. April 25, 2006, Wu Qinghuai sent the copies of the book Pillar of Fire to Wang Zaiqing from Linmu County. April 26, 2006, the PSB found 16,276 copies of Pillar of Fire and Why Believe Jesus, as well as 5,000 gospel tracts in the house of Wang Zaiqing. The evaluation by the Bureau of Press and Publication of Huainan City showed that all the materials were illegal publications.
The testimonies include:
1.                  the confession of Wang Zaiqing;
2.                  the testimonies of witnesses Li Feng, Cao Jinglei, Sun Shiguang, Zhang Xiurong, Chen Xiguang, Zhang Hongyan, Liu Yudong and Cheng Longwei;
3.                  the materials impounded and technical photos;
4.                  The documents of the Bureau of Press and Publication of Huainan City: Huai Press and Publication 2006, No. 1, and Huai Press and Publication 2006, No. 2;
5.                  Other documents: Identification, search warrant, and arrest warrant
We deem that the defendant committed the serious crime of breaking the state regulation of printing illegal materials; his action violated Clauses 1 and 4 of Article 225 in the Penal Law of PRC. The criminal facts are explicit, and the testimonies are sufficient and well-grounded. Therefore, based upon the crime of illegal business practices, the criminal responsibility shall rest on the defendant. Subject to the Article 141 of Penal Litigation Law of PRC, we file for public prosecution. Please judge according to the law.
Prosecutor: Liu Weiyue
People’s Procuratorate of Tianjia’an District, Huainan City (Seal)
1.        The defendant is currently imprisoned in the No. 1 Detention House of Huainan City;
2.        The catalog of testimonies, the copies of main testimonies: the first book, the public security book 3
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