Public Statement by recently rescued, human rights activist Ms. Wang Jing

Lighthouse reflecting in the dark, symbolic of freedom in the US.
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ChinaAid Association—January 30, 2021) At the end of 2020, ChinaAid Association helped orchestrate the rescue of Ms. Wang Jing, a Chinese human rights activist, from mainland China to the USA. On January 29, Ms. Wang asked ChinaAid to publicize the following public statement she penned:

Public Statement by Ms. Wang Jing:

Thank you, China Aid Association (particularly Reverend Bob Fu), the US Department of State, all organizations, institutions, and individuals who participated in rescuing and helping me, Wang Jing—a “64tianwang” volunteer and a citizen journalist. Thank you for your love, care, and help for people living under the CCP’s tyranny. I am so grateful for you all.

In mainland China, because I exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) tyranny, CCP authorities repressed, persecuted, and tortured me. Several times, I narrowly escaped from death. Finally, I fled China and have arrived in the USA, the lighthouse of freedom.

I consider it both the responsibility of direct victims like me as well as the mission of our generation to terminate the CCP’s tyrannical rule. For too long, it has affected and threatened the safety and freedom of the entire human race. Therefore, I call on others to stand up to it; to bravely fight against and stop it from extending—to overthrow the CCP’s tyranny.

To further the purpose of ending the CCP’s tyranny, I will continue to follow the Chinese human rights status in the US. I will pass down the “64tianwang” ethos —and journey with those powerless and unknown.

I will fight to overthrow the CCP’s tyranny and rescue Chinese folks whom this ominous persecutor ravages.

May the CCP’s tyranny end during our generation….

Declarant: Wang Jing
January 29, 2021

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