The Recent Suffering of Changchunli Church (with Video)

October 12, 2010

SHANDONG — The members of Changchunli Three-Self Church have been living under much oppression since last summer. In June 2009, the China Christian Council (CCC) and Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) in Shandong secretly signed a deal forcing the removal of 800 square feet of land, removal of church property, and illegally shutting down the operations of Changchunli Church.

This year, the persecution began to intensify. On September 23, 2010, about 200 people claiming to be police officers descended upon the members of Changchunli Church who were living in tents on church property on Wanda Square. The believers, mostly elderly people, were occupying the church property to save it from being destroyed as they continued to patiently petition to the government to repeal the order issued against them in June 2009.

During the attack, 27 people were beaten. The injuries sustained ranged from minor wounds to blindness (in one eye) and head injuries. Three elderly people were rushed to the hospital. A detailed list of the attacked church members, including items illegally confiscated from them, is at the end of this press release.

How has Changchunli Church been dealing with the persecution? They have not strayed from their standards of peaceful negotiation while still seeking justice. The believers have not lashed out at the government or dishonestly taken matters into their own hands. The video below shows one of the church’s recent prayer meetings where members are crying out for relief and help:

Below is a list of physical injuries and financial losses suffered by believers at the hands of (suspected) police in Wanda Square Incident on September 23, 2010:

  • Zhou Lianyun, female, 74; suffered blindness in her left eye & sustained an injury to her legs. Called emergency 120 and was rushed to the hospital.
  • Yuan Xiuxiang, female, 70; sustained injuries to the kidneys and waist, experiencing difficulty urinating. Called emergency 120 and was rushed to the hospital.
  • Liu Yuanhong, male, 72; sustained injuries to the heart and abdomen. Called emergency 120 and was rushed to the hospital.
  • Liu Fuyi, male, 69; sustained injuries to right shoulder and waist. Two pairs of glasses and a coat were taken from him.
  • Ding Hong, female, 35; sustained injuries to neck and feet.
  • Jiao Jinying, female, 46; was beaten.
  • Shi Xingfang, female, 45; injuries to hands.
  • Zhang Demei, female, 24; was beaten.
  • Qin Qing, female, 26; was beaten.
  • Wang Wenrui, female, 23; was beaten.
  • Qian Xueying, female; was beaten.
  • Li Yu-e, female; was beaten.
  • Song Wenrong, female, sustained injuries to her right arm.
  • Wang Jianhe, male, 30; sustained injuries to his head. He was surrounded and beaten by a group of people.
  • Liu Yuying, female, 69; was beaten. Her handbag containing a senior bus pass, 70 yuan in cash, eyeglasses, a sweater and a thermos bottle was taken.
  • Yang Yuhua, female, 45; sustained injuries.
  • Ding Juan, female, 36; sustained injuries.
  • Wang Jinkui, male, 80; sustained injuries. One Bible was also taken from him.
  • Li Chunyan, female; was beaten.
  • Zhu Defeng, female, 70; sustained injuries to the waist and head.
  • Zhao Zengxiu, female, 76; sprained arm. A flashlight, charger, umbrella and thermos were taken from her.
  • Zhao Jianhua, female, 63; sustained injuries to the waist and a sprained wrist.
  • Pang Juxin, female, 76; sustained injuries to her hands, wrists, and shoulders. A thermos, an umbrella, eyeglasses and 100 yuan in cash were taken from her.
  • Ning Xinli, female, 52; sustained head injuries and is experiencing pain all over her body.
  • Wang Yan, female, 46; sustained injuries to her arm.
  • Xu Yongjun, male, 28; was beaten by a group of six or seven people. His eyeglasses were broken.
  • Wang Yuanxiao, male, 29; was beaten. Also had a pair of eyeglasses broken.
  • Changchunli Church had the following property taken from them: a Sony digital camcorder, 30 comforters, 54 army overcoats, 20 cotton-padded coats, two tents, 40 Styrofoam boards, 50 stools and one pergola.

ChinaAid is walking with Changchunli Church during this time of difficulty. We encourage people around the world to look upon the plight of this government sanctioned church and support them with prayer and aid.

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