Secret Crackdown Campaign Prepared in China against Independent Church Leaders and Freedom Defenders

China Aid Association
Photo: Original Beijing Municipal Security Document Posted on Streets in Beijing

(Midland, Texas- August 17, Monday) CAA has learned that an important secret directive issued by the Political and Legal Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC has been communicated to all the law enforcement agents including the court, PSB and prosecution agencies within China. Reliable Sources within the high level Chinese Government security sectors informed CAA recently that an unprecedented nation-wide campaign is being designed to crackdown on four specific “unstable social elements” within China.
They are: illegal Christian House Church leaders, petitioners, human rights defenders and political dissidents. The campaign will begin in October. The source, who is sympathetic to the four groups, has communicated the directive’s ongoing preparation effort to CAA. The campaign is designed to be launched in concurrence with the Government’s campaign of “China’s 20 more years of political and social stability”. On June 16, Mr. Zhou Yongkang, the head of the Political and Legal Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC who is also the former leaders of China’s KGB and MPS, one of the 9 members of the Standing Committee of the CPC’s Politburo, made an unprecedented chilling speech. It was published in an internal CPC magazine, “Qiu Shi” recently. In the speech, he called for “extraordinary measures to be taken against” those unstable elements in order to protect the CPC’s continuous ruling and economic reform.
In other news, CAA has also learned that the Beijing Municipal State Security Bureau has released a “citizen informant initiative”, whereby ordinary citizens are required to report individuals and organizations who are deemed a threat to national security by using different means including media and religion. According to the initiative these individuals include those who “Engage in activities that endanger state security by utilizing religions.”
To view the complete list of organizations deemed harmful to society by the Government click here
“This directive is a direct contradiction and violation to the Chinese own Constitution and very troubling to hear while the Olympic Games are still taking place in Beijing, ” said Rev. Bob Fu. “The four groups on the clampdown list are not the threat to China’s society and to target these vulnerable social groups who deeply care about freedom and rights raises serious doubts about China’s pledge for a harmonious society.”
Read the Full Text of Mr. Zhou’s Remark  click here

Issued by CAA August 18, 2008

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