Shandong “Qingdao Evening News” disclosed information on individual with “illegal birth”

China Aid Association

照片 002(Qingdao City — August 12, 2012) On Thursday, August 9, 2012, the Qingdao Evening News published a list of “individuals of Pingdu City who violated the One-Child Policy,” stating that the cause for such publication was that “they refused to pay the social burden fee by the deadline.”
The list on page six of the newspaper included the “policy-violating” couples’ names, family addresses, times of so-called “illegal birth,” number of children, etc. The publication of the personal information was made to publicly embarrass and shame these people, to make an example of them, and thus to intimidate other couples into fearfully complying with the “One-Child Policy.”

China Aid Association condemns the shocking abuse of the power of the press by the Qingdao Evening News. God gives people the right and responsibility to bear children. Violating the right of couples to bear children violates the most fundamental of human rights. To define giving birth as being “illegal” is inhumane propaganda. ChinaAid urges Qingdao Evening News and Pingdu City to immediately stop engaging in a policy of public humiliation of citizens, and to publicly apologize to the publicly identified couples.

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