Shanghai lockdown continues— “zero-COVID” still in effect



A Shanghai street
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(Shanghai, China—May 10, 2022) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) recommitted itself to its zero-COVID policy in response to the continuing surge of COVID in Shanghai and across China. Millions in Shanghai will remain in perpetual lockdown, and mainstream media now takes aim at the inhumane consequences.  


As reported by CNN, Xi Jinping and the Politburo Committee decided to “unswervingly adhere” to its zero-COVID policy despite domestic and international criticism. Videos have surfaced online, displaying scenes of citizens being dragged from their homes. Shanghai broadened its definition of close contact, which was previously determined by geo-locators in China’s “Health” app. Now, according to Bloomberg, police officers have taken citizens who live on the same floor as COVID-positive Chinese citizens.  


The Shanghai lockdown began in late March when COVID began to surge in the city. Initially, the city of 26 million was split into two sections. There were rotating lockdowns for a time, but then the whole city shut down. Nobody can leave their homes, unless they are government volunteers, a part of the Chinese CDC, or if they deliver food. Unfortunately for Shanghai residents, food shortages have also become common. It was not long before Chinese citizens began to scream out in horror. 


Xi Jinping, however, stood by his word to continue enforcing such policies. The Politburo Committee publicly commented on their decision: “Our prevention and control strategy is determined by the party’s nature and mission, our policies can stand the test of history, and our measures are scientific and effective.” 




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