Shouwang Church’s “buzz” and Gmail Accounts Likely Hacked

This is an emergency notice put out by Shouwang Church
Password for Shouwang Church’s buzz Emergency Information Platform Has Been Changed
The password for Shouwang Church’s “buzz” emergency information platform was changed tonight (preliminary determination is that the password was stolen). The situation is back to normal, at least temporarily.
The church’s Gmail password was also stolen today. We ask for everyone’s prayers for the smooth progression of the work by the technical staff. Pray that God will protect His sheep and give them a great victory before the enemies.

In light of the current situation, which is that our website, community chat room, e-newsletter, buzz and other Internet-based communication tools might be facing a new round of technical trials, we ask that anyone who receives information via any of the above-mentioned channels that does not conform with the church’s usual teachings to please be sure to call and verify the authenticity of the information.
Also, because of the repeated comments attacking the church that have been posted on buzz, we have now disabled all comments.

Emergency Notification from the Website Department

China Aid Contacts
Rachel Ritchie, English Media Director
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