Sichuan Believers Endure Increasing Persecution

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At about 3:30 in the afternoon of March 29, 2008, 40 of us sisters were worshipping at a housing residence when we were raided by over 20 people from the Public Security Bureau, Homeland Security Defense Brigade, the local police station, Office of Religious Affairs and cadres from neighborhood committees.
Without producing identification, they took away our vertical couplets, blackboards and Christian calendars. They also took Wang Qingxiu, Zhang Mingxiu, Zhou Yanmei, Wan Chaobi, Wang Zhenping, Yan Zeling and Luo Qinghua to the Public Security Bureau. Then, they detained Wang Qingxiu, Luo Qinghua at a house of detention. Besides this, Zhang Mingxiu, Zhou Yanmei, and Yan Zeling were detained at a detention center. After Yan Zeling was detained at the detention center for four days, her daughter came up with money and she was released afterwards. Wang Zhenping and Wan Chaobi were released on the afternoon of the same day.
At about 10 a.m. on March 30, after a group of children finished their study at a house children center, the children went home. The nine sisters of Li Chixia, Li Xianbi, Yan Chuanfang, Xiao Yu, Lei Shibi, Tu Yunbi, Ye Qiuru, Yu Linyu and Wan Chaobi and four children of Xiao Hui, Xiao Yuqin, Feng Shuling and Feng Yunfeng had a talk. There were altogether 13 people of them.  As they were having the talk, over 30 people from the Public Security Bureau, Homeland Security Defense Brigade, the local police station, cadres from the neighborhood committee and Office of Religious Affairs raided the site and again failed to show identification. They took away two copies of the Bible, three hymn books, three books, two books on the life of the Christ, a blackboard and a water bill for the residence. They also took away the bags of Li Chixia and Li Xianbi and did not check the seized items with the tenant of the house. After that, they took nine sisters and four children to the Public Security Bureau. At about 11:30, a sister of ours, Wan Huabi was doing her usual business in selling assorted goods in her own residence’s store when three cadres from the neighborhood committee came to the store and asked the sister questions concerning a letter. The sister replied: believe in Christianity. They asked what other things she had. She replied: I have a Bible. Then, they began to search the sister’s store and her old house.  Without showing identification they took away two copies of the Bible, one copy of New Life Teaching Course, one copy of Full Salvation and a notebook of her daughter. After that, they took her to the Public Security Bureau. At about 6 p.m. on the same day, they detained Wan Huabi, Li Chixia, Xiao Yu and Lei Shibi at a house of detention and then detained Li Xianbi, Yan Chuanfang and Yu Linyu at a house of detention. They released Tu Yunbi and Ye Qiuru. When Wan Chaobi’s son paid the money, Wan Chaobi was released.
On May 6 and May 16, 2008 respectively, they filed a charge at Qu County Court and Dazhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court. They all said they would not put it on record and they would not give us a notice of case-filing. When Dazhou Department of Administration called Qu County Department of Administration, they called us political prisoners and cultists. Then, we found Pu Xiaobo, vice president of Qu County Court. He told us to apply for reconsideration.  We then submitted our application for reconsideration on May 27 to the Section of Legal Affairs at Dazhou Municipal Public Security Bureau.
May 31, 2008
To view the official sichuan court documents {click here}

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