Sichuan Christians released after serving administrative detention

Pastor Li Ming

(Photo courtesy of Langzhong Church)

China Aid

By Rachel Ritchie
(Langzhong, Sichuan—Feb. 5, 2015) Nine worshippers from China’s southwestern Sichuan province have been released from detention over the past week after serving 10-15 days in administrative detention following a raid by police on Jan. 20.

More than 70 worshippers from house churches in Chengdu, Mianyang and Langzhong gathered in Langzhong to have a “year-end summary,” according to Pastor Li Mingbo, who was released from administrative
detention yesterday.

“We were in a gathering at an agritourism spot [when we were raided]. After we had begun to sing hymns, the DSPS agents came in. On our way back home, they intercepted all of us and took about 20 people into custody. Most people were given ‘education’ and released. Nine of us were detained,” Li Ming, another recently released pastor, said.

“The domestic security protection squad (DSPS) said I was engaging in religious superstition, which disrupted public order,” Li Ming said. “Their reason was that we are not allowed to gather together and that if we do gather, we must do so at a state-approved venue. They said we must believe in the Communist Party; the leader of the DSPS asked whether I wanted to overthrow the Communist Party.

“[Another pastor who was detained is] Liu Yong, a pastor from Rongmei Church; an elder from Rongmei Church was detained, too. There were also two pastors from a church in Mianyang, Pastor Sun Caibei and Pastor Ma Ying. Also, Pastor Liang Renyan was detained,” Li Ming said.

“Now they say they know we have overseas connections, which makes them very angry,” Pastor Li Ming said. “They said they must resolutely stop any such connection. They simply hate us.”

Li Ming said the Christians tried to submit an administrative lawsuit, but it wasn’t accepted, as has been the case in past incidents of persecution against Langzhong House Church.

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