Sister Guo Yanling, a Christian in Guangxi, was forced into exile for 21 years for having more children than permitted

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Editor’s Note:  Recently, some incidents of forced family planning measures in mainland China have again shocked the world and been widely condemned.  ChinaAid has received many letters appealing for help from pregnant women in China who are currently facing forced abortion or induced labor.  Ms. Cai Ruyi, who was forcibly hospitalized by the Changsha Family Planning Committee and for whom we have appealed for help and who was rescued in recent days, has escaped their evil control for the time being, but she is now being pursued every day by the family planning department for payment of a fine.  And pregnant woman Hu Xia in Jianli county, Shaanxi province, had her eight-month-old unborn baby girl forcibly aborted because she was unable to pay the fine.  Pregnant woman Feng Jianmei in Ankang, Shaanxi province, also had her more than eight-month-old unborn baby forcibly aborted due to her inability to pay the fine.  We feel very indignant about mainland China’s “forced family planning atrocities” which have been going on for years and strongly condemn such acts!

The right to life is a basic human right.  China has joined the UN international convention regarding protection of women and children, but for decades, mainland China’s compulsory one-child policy has resulted in 80 million to 100 million women being forced to have abortions, use contraceptive devices or sterilized by tubal ligation.  The physical and mental wellbeing of countless women is violated, and countless tender lives are lost.  We believe that all lives are created by the Creator and all lives are equal.  The core universal values and basic human rights are to respect life.  We are also worried that the practice of sex-selective abortions as a result of the one-child policy has led to a serious imbalance in the male-female ratio.  What is even more lamentable is that the implementation of the one-child policy is directly linked with the economic income of relevant local departments as local governments collect large amounts of money in fines.  However, countless impoverished and low-income parents, unable to pay these fines, have to suffer forced demolition of their homes and forced abortions.  Such cases are too many to enumerate and are happening every minute now.

We have selected and publish below a letter appealing for help sent to us from sister Guo Yanling, a Christian in the region of Guangxi, after she went into exile in Thailand.  Her whole family was forced into exile for 21 years as a result of persecution related to the forced family planning policy.  Her family home was forcibly demolished, all their assets were stolen, and she was placed under administrative detention.  Due to her forced abortion and surgical sterilization, she is unable to work, and their entire family has been living in terror and despair for a long time.  Now they have fled to Thailand and are applying for UN refugee status, but the waiting period will be very long and they have no means to make a living.  The tragic story of Guo Yanling and her family can be found everywhere in mainland China.  We could not help but ask: Will the Communist Party of China continue to direct and create such tragedies?

We hope that our readers can help sister Guo Yanling and her family.  We also hope that everyone can pay attention to more victims like sister Guo.   It’s high time we said No to the Communist Party of China! Let’s say No to the compulsory family planning policy! It’s time to put an end to it.  We pray to our Lord!


A letter from Christian Guo Yanling and her husband seeking help from China Aid Association

June 3, 2012

To all brothers and sisters in Christ at China Aid Association: Greetings!

We are Christian fugitives who have fled the tyranny of the Communists in mainland China. On this land cursed by God, justice is obstructed and truths have been twisted in court. The Chinese Communists exploit the common people at will and they’ve sucked clean the blood of the citizens and rob people of their property. The father of the Chinese Communists was an evil monster. From their very beginning, they have been slaughtering criminals and the source of fakeness and deception.

To lengthen its lingering dictatorship and tyranny, the Chinese Communists of mainland China established the family planning policy of the state that aims at eliminating humanity (the so-called Constitution). They steal state-owned resources and rob the people of their wealth in order to promote evil. In their terrorist camp, they serve as the vanguard in challenging mankind’s freedom, peace, civilization, and God’s righteousness and benevolence.

The Gospel says that free human reproduction comes by the grace of God and no man’s laws may interfere, prohibit and control this. However, we have been persecuted all our lives by the Chinese Communists’ tyranny just because we in our firm belief accept the love and grace of our Heavenly Father. The following is a description of our experience:

In 1989, we had our second child. In order to escape the persecution of the evil wolf the Chinese Communists, we embarked on our 21-year “long march of wandering,” during which we have covered 90,000 miles. The Communists had their own Long March, which they have used as a propaganda machine and a seeding machine. We in our long march have let humanity know our untold sufferings under the tyrannical regime. Our long march is also a harvesting machine and through it more people living in darkness have come to realize that light comes from God.

After we had our first child in 1985, sister Guo Yanling was forced by the family planning station to wear an IUD. After she was fitted with the IUD, she felt extremely uncomfortable, so she went to a private clinic and had the cursed IUD removed.
In 1989, blessed by the Lord, we had a second child. In order to avoid being caught, which would result in forced sterilization and a fine, we left home and it has now been 21 years. (We have returned home only occasionally during this time.)

One day in 1995, as sister Guo, who was then eight-months pregnant, went to buy breakfast between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., she was ambushed at a location just several dozen yards from where she was then living by employees of family planning agencies and taken to a human slaughter-house where they murdered the baby. Because of this, Guo has some minor mental problems and sometimes she will go into a trance and her words don’t make sense.

In 1997, God blessed us again by giving us another new life (a boy).

In 1999, with our two-year-old son with us, we went back to our home which we had left a long time before (at 48, Linjiang Street, a public housing unit assigned to our deceased parents by their work units). After that, people from the combined law enforcement team consisting of family planning agencies, Public Security agencies and other entities often came to kick our door and took both of us to the neighborhood committee’s office where they physically tortured us and made us write a self-criticism statement and a pledge letter. In the meantime, they wanted us to assist them within six months in completing their two state-assigned goals of sterilization and fines for extra births. They refused to give Guo and her children household registration and they even deprived the children of their right to compulsory education. Having suffered such blows, we again took to the road like fugitives. (We handed over our three under-age children to the care of our eldest brother and his wife who lived just next door to us.)

On May 4, 1999, Guo sneaked back home to see her children and a Communist Party member named Qin who lived in the same building tipped off the authorities. When Guo was still in the vicinity of our home, employees of family planning agencies came on the basis of Qin’s tip and took her by force to be sterilized. On the second day after the operation, the wound from the sterilization became red and swollen and started to bleed and wouldn’t stop. After that, she developed chronic abdominal pains. Now she could no longer work and our already bad household financial situation turned worse. Guo has complained about this to the relevant government departments, but nobody there would take responsibility.

In 2000, Guo took with her a son and went to a development zone in Baning county, under Nanning Municipality jurisdiction, to watch over the materials of a construction site. The child aroused some interest and the mobile unit of a family planning office came to investigate. When Guo said she didn’t have money to pay the fine, they took both mother and son and detained them at the Dashatian Branch of the Family Planning Bureau. They wanted Guo to pay a fine of 40,000 yuan for the extra childbirths. When there were many, many people at noon time, mother and son took advantage of the disorderly crowds and fled. Guo discussed the matter with some people and borrowed 3,000 yuan so that she could make a living. On September 3, 2000, she went to the family planning office in Xincheng District where her household registration was filed and paid in full the fine for the extra childbirths. She was given a citation receipt that said: “Extra childbirth fees are paid in full.

On September 11, 2000, in order to be the first to get the fine, several dozen law enforcement personnel from Baning Family Planning Office and the court hurriedly came to Guo’s temporary residence at the construction site. They brought with them electric batons, guns, handcuffs and were holding video cameras. They broke into the room. When Guo told them she had paid the fine in full a week before at the place where her household registration was filed, they became furious and gave Guo a round of beatings and robbed her of 4,000 yuan that Guo had with her. (To date, they still have not returned the money.) They dragged her to the door (this attracted a large crowd) and put her into a vehicle and went to Baning Detention Center. (China’s family planning law says that a fine is valid no matter where it is collected and a person may not be finedtwice. We learned this later.) For the sake of money, it is in their blood to subject those who are vulnerable in society to death-like situations, and the Xincheng Family Planning office colluded with the Baning Family Planning Office.

On June 11, 2001, the Xincheng Family Planning Office where Guo’s household registration was filed canceled the citation of 3,000 yuan paid on September 3, 2000 on the excuse that we, husband and wife, hid from the authorities the fact that Baning Family Planning Office had already issued a collection notice for the fine. They said they would let Baning Family Planning Office fine Guo (they didn’t return the 3,000 yuan she had already paid). Guo doesn’t know why they said she hid from the authorities the fact and doesn’t know what they mean by “fact.” In fact, the Chinese Communists in mainland China are very clear that their family planning law is evidence that they are against humanity. Therefore, their regulations are basically very ambiguous and only they themselves know the regulations. When necessary, they will show us, the common people, what is advantageous to them and what is disadvantageous to us.

They have been playing this old and dirty trick all this time. Since the family planning policy was first implemented, nobody has ever read from the newspapers, magazines, TV programs, radios or documents what is a valid way of paying the fine for extra childbirths. Never! Since there is no way of knowing it, what have they hid from the common people? It is not the common people who hide facts from them, but it is they who hide facts from the common people. They are the evil blood-sucking thugs who lord it over the masses of people!

At about 6:30 a.m. on September 7, 2006, Guo, who had just gone out the door, was caught by three court officers from Liangqing District who had waited outside for a long time. As she couldn’t pay the second huge fine, she was imprisoned again. During the time she was imprisoned there, she again felt a pain deep from the sterilization wound. For two days and two nights, she didn’t eat or drink anything. As the police believed it was a life-threatening situation, she was released ahead of schedule because the police wanted to avoid possible trouble if she died in prison. Besides, Baning Court wrote as the occupation of the two of us, husband and wife: peasants. From this we can see how these nit-wits and corrupt officials conduct their business by never conducting investigations. They regard the lives of peasants as trash. Moreover, on September 7, 2006, Liangqing Court took from Guo’s luggage a deposit booklet belonging to Du Jie, our eldest daughter, issued by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. This shows the Chinese Communists also implicate the client’s relatives and nine types of relations as they did in the ancient times of China. From then on, we often used our relatives’ IDs to rent houses in order to evade captures by family planning agents and the court. When we didn’t have enough clothing, we never borrowed a single penny from these evil people. When we didn’t have enough to eat, these blood-sucking lizards who could never be satisfied in their pursuit of money never gave us even a grain. Since they never gave us anything, why do we owe these bastards such huge fines? They not only forced Guo Yanling to undergo sterilization, they fined us again and again with compound interest (in the form of late fees). They also put us into prison. To avoid all these things, we have been running hither and thither and hiding here and there for 21 years. When we ponder over all these absurdities with a rational mind, we asked this question: Who is the mastermind behind all these disasters? The Gospel has enabled us to recognize that the Communists who believe in Marxism, Engels-ism, Leninism, Stalinism and Mao Zedong Thought are brutal wolves and fake prophets who came to this world dressed in sheep’s clothing. The fruits born out of Communism are dictatorship and tyranny. All the miseries of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation as well as the miseries of the whole world come from various types of the evil dictatorships and terrorist groups (headed by the mainland Chinese Communists) who do everything to control everything in people’s lives. Dictatorships and dictators do not have an iota of qualification to talk about “democracy, equality, freedom and harmony.” This is the most basic common sense (because they still have in their hands knives for slaughtering and ropes for hanging.)

In order to let more people realize that truth comes from God, I have led more than 60 men and women of all ages to baptism and to the Lord. Their average age is 37 years old. As a result, the church awarded me the unprecedented title “best model in spreading the Gospel.” I am planning and preparing to establish a 300-person “Christian Gospel Volunteer Army.” Our slogans and the words on our banners at our future oath-taking rally will be “Thank Our Heavenly Father for Selecting Us on This Land Full of Disasters,” “Evangelization is Legal and Praising the Lord is Glorious,” “As long as Life Continues, Evangelization Never Stops.” What I didn’t expect was that a fellow Christian who was jealous of me told a leader in the church that I am recruiting soldiers in the name of the church in order to fight the government. As a result of this, the church called me in for questioning.

We are the ignored shit-citizens in mainland China and they have squeezed every drop of blood and sweat out of us. To avoid capture by the authorities, we were guided by the Lord and led to Bangkok, Thailand on August 7, 2011. No matter where we are in the world, we will always say: “The Lord is the way, the life and the truth.” The Lord can be trusted. On our way to eternal life, we are willing to carry with us the blessings of all tribulations. Our heavenly Father be thanked that during our tribulation we’ve met our fellow travelers. We hope the US-based China Aid Association can use the hard facts of our life to expose the true features of the monster of the Chinese Communists by taking off its sheep’s clothing. We also hope it can aid us and promote God’s righteousness for the babies and women persecuted by the family planning agencies in China.

That we might escape from misery and reach the other shore where there is freedom and democracy.

That we might embark on the road of mission of testimonies as we spread the Gospel.

We are ready to go and we prostrate ourselves now before the Lord; please pray for us!

May our heavenly father bless all our fellow travelers. Amen!

Du Yiliang, Guo Yanling
Bangkok, Thailand

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