Steel on Steel Radio & Podcast Network airs interview with Bob Fu: Religious persecution in China

(ChinaAid—Feb. 26, 2021) On February 24, Steel on Steel aired John Loeffler’s interview with Bob Fu, PhD, founder of ChinaAid, discussing religious persecution in China.

Steel on Steel’s introduction for Dr. Fu:

One of the world’s hot spots for religious persecution, especially against Christians, is in China. Joining us today is Founder and President of ChinaAid, Bob Fu (, who is also a Christian refugee from China. He describes how religious persecution today under the Chinese Communist Party is the worst it has been since the Cultural Revolution. Physical and virtual church gatherings have been banned, millions of Christians and people from other religious groups are in reeducation camps, and social credit score systems loom over everyone as a means of control. Many people are arrested and thrown in prison for hosting in-house church meetings and prayer groups. But the silver lining is that when persecution grows, so does the zeal for Christ and the number of Christians operating in an underground status.

In the interview, Dr. Fu notes:

Under the directives of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), often using COVID-19 as a pretext for inhumane actions, persecution continues to worsen in China. The world has not witnessed this intensity nor frequency of the CCP’s evil in 40 years, not since the cultural revolution. Currently, government officials routinely ban and demolish house churches, as well as government-approved churches. They even forbid online streamings of pastors preaching the gospel.

Several tactics the CCP uses to persecute some detainees include: 

    • forcing them to abandon their native language and learn to only speak Chinese, 
    • forcing them to practice doing things their religion forbids [for example, drinking alcohol],
    • forcing females into prostitution.

CCP authorities may arrest a person with a language app installed on his/her phone.

 Within China, as most citizens no longer use cash or credit cards, CCP authorities can scan a person’s face using a facial-recognition system to access their money.


Even during this time of worsening persecution in China, however, God demonstrates His grace, Dr. Fu stresses. 

  • Christians pray for and help each other.
  • China sends missionaries to several countries.
  • Many Believers continue to boldly share the gospel in China.
  • ChinaAid has hosted more online leadership training sessions during the first two months of 2021 than in the entire year of some previous years.
  •  ChinaAid helps support families of prisoners.
  • ChinaAid distributes “the Good News” in China through it’s Sunday School in a Box program. 
  • ChinaAid prayerfully continues to: Equip… Encourage…​ ​Expose…​.
  1. ​Expose​ the systematic persecution, harassment, torture and imprisonment of Chinese Christians and human rights lawyers in China.
  2. ​Encourage the Abused: ChinaAid financially supports Chinese Christians and their families who have experienced persecution by the Chinese government.
  3. Equip the Leader: ChinaAid provides leadership and rule of law training for Christian and church leaders in China to defend their rights under both Chinese constitutional law and international law.

By God’s grace, ChinaAid continues to walk with our persecuted brothers and sisters in China. Despite increased religious persecution, the CCP’s persecution has boomeranged and ignited a revival in the church.

By God’s grace…

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?
Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution,
or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors
through Him who loved us.
                                                                                           ~ Romans 8:35&37 (NKJV)
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