Testimony of brother Chen Jinmao

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Chen Jingmao, male, 70 years old. Home address: Gaofeng Village, Longjiao Town, Yunyang County, Chongqing City.
He came to the Lord in 1990. He served Him with an earnest heart since then, and devoted his life to evangelizing. As a result, he was frequently under arrest, put into classes of ideology, beaten severely, and fined. He was arrested again in June 2001, and was sentenced to four years in prison under the charge of “establishing and using a cult organization to disturb the execution of the law”. At present, he is serving his terms in Sanxia (the three gorges) Prison, Wanzhou, Chongqing City. On March 17, 2004, his daughter Chen Zhiqing went to visit him in prison, and learned what had happened to him. Her aged father was preaching the Gospel to the inmates (over 50 of them were willing to receive the Lord into their heart as their savior). On February 2nd, an inmate called Yao Decai turned him in. As it turned out, over ten policemen dragged him out, and gave him a brutal beating. Not an inch of his body stayed intact. They spoke to him while kicking him in the belly, “The Communist Party loses face because of you! We might as well kill you here, you old son of a bitch!” From that day on, Uncle Chen Jingmao was too weak to walk or eat. Other inmates had to carry him when he used the bathroom. In the beginning he had four IVs times a day. After two weeks, it was reduced to two. Badly injured, all that he managed to eat in two days was but a little canned food. When her daughter went to see him on March 17th, he had to be carried out by an inmate (they met face-to-face). Later on the officials stopped giving him IVs or medicine, saying that her daughter should get medicine for him. When she went out to purchase some medicine, an official in his fifties was still cursing Cheng Jingmao, saying that he was a cult member, a stubborn old fool. Even under this kind of circumstances, Uncle Chen Jingmao was still trying to comfort his daughter, saying, “It’s worth the beating; I have preached to over 50 people! It’s well worth it.” Again and again he urged his daughter to be a devoted believer, to receive other believers in her house, and asked her to pray for him with other brothers and sisters. Also he sent a word to everybody, that the Lord was with him, and that they didn’t have to worry about him.
The phone number of the Administrative Office of Sanxia Prison: 023-58621513

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