The Blaze: Refugee reveals the horrors of Communist China & how there are state workers whose ‘only job’ is to ‘capture women’ (with video)

The Blaze
Nov. 12, 2013

Glenn Beck holds up an item brought in by Chinese
refugee Bob Fu on Nov. 12, 2013.
(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Pastor Bob Fu, the founder and president of ChinaAid and the author of God’s Double Agent: The True Story of a Chinese Christian’s Fight for Freedom, appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Tuesday to share the horrors of what it means to live in communist China for the average citizen.

Fu began with his own story, describing how, a product of the schools in China, he was once an atheist and a communist. But he became disillusioned after the massacre at Tiananmen Square — which he had actually attended, but left early because his then-girlfriend was sick. In a period of searching and questioning (and a short period where he considered a “suicide bomb campaign”), Fu miraculously came across a book about a Chinese pastor, and converted to Christianity himself.

Fu said he was imprisoned for two months for holding a Bible study in his home and, after he and his wife conceived without a permit from the government, the two were forced to flee or face a forced abortion.

Beck assumed Fu was referring to his second child, knowing China’s one-child policy, but Fu said he was actually referring to their first. He held up a little booklet with a photo of a woman that he described as “like a birth permit card,” saying women in China are forced to document everything from their menstrual cycles to their birth control methods in the little booklet, and are told when they are allowed to conceive.

“Every year, just for the forced abortion, every day, Glenn, between 15,000 to 25,000 babies were forcefully aborted,” Fu said. “We have received phone calls and reports from China directly and one by one — some women were pregnant with eight months, nine months, pregnancy, baby killed by force. There are…full-time state planning officials — their only job is to capture women, to monitor women, and to put them in the slaughter bed in the hospital. Every day.”

Fu said he and his wife tried to find a “friendly doctor,” a Christian, who would help them, but the doctor told them their only hope was to “run.”

So they did and, “by the Grace of God,” Fu said, they got asylum in the United States.

“We came here as refugees in 1997 and we were really embraced by the generous American people, especially from the church, and we received tremendous blessings from the community and from this country,” Fu said.

But Fu is troubled by the current state of affairs in America, saying political leaders and business leaders openly look to China as their role model, “and the communists [are] still holding their flag.” They know countless are still living in near inhuman conditions, many being tortured, but they choose to ignore it, he said.

“I think it (sends) a clear signal to the Chinese dictators, communist party leaders, that the American president does not care about this issue. And the Americans have so-called higher priority issues, maybe to beg China to buy bonds,” Fu added.

He said he understands that international trade and economics are important issues, but cited a woman who spent six years in a labor camp for holding church services in her home, who he helped escape when she was facing “imminent-re-arrest.”

“Does our conscience allow us to at least speak up? If we know the truth…can we (be) silent?” he asked. “I think really, God will hold us accountable if we hold this truth and we keep it silent…”

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