The Christian Times: Chinese Christian woman writes letter recounting persecution, demolition of home by authorities

The Christian Times
Chiqui Guyjoco
18 May, 2016

A Christian Chinese woman has written a letter recounting the persecution she and her family suffered from the injustices of Chinese officials who demolished their home. She narrated her fight against what she referred to as China’s evil power and the Chinese officials who she believed were tempted by the devil.

“The officials who afflicted us were tempted by the devil, and either are not limited to enslaving people or, out of fear, more openly resisting God by starting a movement to demolish crosses, arresting servants of the eternal God, and franticly seizing and injuring righteous people,” wrote Wang Chunyan on April 5, in her letter which she entitled “From a petitioner against forced demolitions to Christ’s soldier—God led me to the United States to fight.” Her letter was translated by Carolyn Song, written in English by Brynne Lawrence, and published on China Aid.

A visitor takes a picture of a display bearing hand prints of war 
heroes from the War of Resistance against Japan, at Jianchuan 
Museum Cluster in Anren, Sichuan Province, China, May 13, 
2016. (Reuters/Kim Kyung Hoon)

“They are fiddling with the law to convict righteous people, intending to eliminate the voice of justice. [They] challenge God’s people; what else can they do?” Chunyan asked. Chunyan also hinted that there might be a number of people who experienced or are going through the same pain she and her family suffered.

“However, every major holiday, the large streets and small alleys in Beijing brim with the persistent silhouettes of petitioners, even if they are unscrupulously suppressed or stopped,” she added.

According to China Aid, the Wang’s family home in Dalian, Liaoning, China was demolished by the Chinese authorities on June 4, 2008. This led them to seek a legal petition to the higher authorities in Beijing. Unfortunately, her mother passed away while they were on their way to the city.

Chunyan’solder sister, Wang Chunmei, was detained for a year and is still plagued by illness and injuries suffered at the hands of the officials. Her mentally disabled brother, Wang Yaxin, died next to the express railroad in Dalian while she was held for a month-long detention after attending a Bible study at Beijing Holy Love Fellowship Church. Chunyan lamented that she still doesn’t know the real details concerning Yaxin’s death and added that her mother and brother’s dead bodies are still in the morgues in Beijing and Dalian.

Chunyan is now residing in the United States and accredits God’s love and guidance for her exile. She encouraged the enslaved Chinese citizens and struggling petitioners to turn to God for their suffering.

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