The Epoch Times’ “Nine Commentaries…” has led more than 300 million Chinese to renounce the communist party

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(ChinaAid/The Epoch Times—August 03, 2021) The Epoch Time‘s Commentary 1 [of 9]: “On What the Communist Party Is” presents two pertinent, prominent policies the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) practices.

I. Relying on Violence and Terror
II. Using Lies to Justify Violence

According to The Epoch Times:

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were first published in November of 2004, followed quickly by an English translation. In 15 years, the series has led over 300 million Chinese to renounce the communist party and its affiliated organizations, fostering an unprecedented peaceful movement for transformation and change in China. People continue to renounce the party every day. Here we republish the newly re-edited Nine Commentaries, linked to video versions produced by our partner media NTD Television. For the other Commentaries, please see the Table of Contents.

The Table of Contents includes nine commentaries which focus “On…”: 

Quotes from God’s Double Agent by Bob Fu, PhD.,* founder of ChinaAid, regarding the CCP:

“Doesn’t the constitution say Chinese citizens have the freedom of religious belief in Article 36?” I said. “I’m a Chinese citizen!”
“You need to read the Constitution carefully,” the interrogator said. “It doesn’t say ‘religious freedom,’ as you claim. It says ‘freedom of religious belief.’ If you had simply believed and kept those beliefs to yourself, you’d be home with your wife today.”
“But doesn’t the universal declaration of human rights in Article 18 give me protection?” I asked, realizing there was no use seeking to iron out our different interpretations of the Chinese constitution.”
“Why do you insist on talking about this Jesus?”
The Lord died for me and saved me from despair,” I said simply.”1wanted the others to know about God too, so I—”
The interrogator slammed his fist onto the table. “nobody will utter the word God in this room!”
(pp. 1978).
“We want to push for religious freedom for the Chinese people,” I said before explaining the Chinese government was engaging in “double talk” by saying they had religious freedom while issuing secret orders to crush religious groups (p. 260).

* One of the more than 300 million Chinese to renounce the communist party The Epoch Times notes.


A wise man is strong, 
a man of knowledge 
increases strength;
                                                 ~ Proverbs 24:5 (NKJV)


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